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3/28/09 4:08 AM
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Glad to hear it teamquest fan, I'll add it to the front after the weekend cos I've got to run. Off to the England match and out after so not sure how much I'll be around this weekend.

By the way guys, Bisping knows of the Bandwagon, infact he said:

'Mike here. I knew I had my fair share of haters but I never knew theywere also on the ug too.sounds like a great idea and I will defo come by and say hi.'

Obviously he's a busy man at the moment but lets hope he finds time to pop by at some point.

Keep it going boys.
3/28/09 4:32 AM
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 AHAHA. I just saw UKFIGHTER going at it a little bit with Hendo on his thread and i starting laughing my fuckin ass off. That was some funny shit and it made my day!!!!! lol.
3/28/09 9:16 AM
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ttt for bisping to get out of the bookies putting bets on England and post here
3/28/09 12:21 PM
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I am british and a fan of Bisping, but he lost the Hammil fight imo. but then again, i thought he won the Rashad fight. Evans just lay and prayd while Mike kept busy.

i can understand why people were pissed with Bisping with the way he reacted.(i was too) but let it go all ready. your hate for Mike is clearly blinding you from seeing that he is a quality fighter, and will give anyone a tough time!

p.s Bisping will beat Hendo via decision, trust me it will happen. Leben all over again.
anyone with any knowledge of this sport can see that.
UNLESS Hendo catches him with a wild right or left hook.
and if Hendo takes him down, he won't keep him there
3/28/09 1:58 PM
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^ DJ studd is correct
3/28/09 2:53 PM
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DJStudd - "and if Hendo takes him down, he won't keep him there

this is what is going to swing it , provide its not scored with "ultimate takedown" rules and is actually scored with MMA rules Bisping will take it.

Hendo is going to look pretty stupid if he spend the whole fight scrabbling around for takedowns , the first few will get stuffed or mike will get up quickly , then it will be all stand up and Bisping will pick him apart.

Please don't go into hiding after this fight happens and Michael Bisping is exposed for what he really is: a good upcoming fighter with lots of heart and developing skills, no KO power, and one that has never fought anyone but TUFers and who at this time in his career is overated. That is not bashing it is what I trully believe. Dan Henderson will win this fight fairly convincingly, possibly by TKO.
3/28/09 2:57 PM
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aldegas - ^ DJ studd is correct

Same goes to you. All of you UK guys are taking this nationality thing too far. Just because Bisping is British doesn't mean you should blindly overate his skills and ability to the point that he would destroy whoever he fights. Let's be reasonable. He definitely lost to Matt Hamill, which was probably the worst decision in U.F.C. history.
3/28/09 3:38 PM
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Ken Lee - 
teamquestfan - 
aldegas - ^ DJ studd is correct

He won a close fight against Matt Hamill, which a lot of Americans thought he lost because they didn't like how he acted in the post-fight interview and they were sentimental for the deaf-boy-done-good Yank.


I know that when you UK guys are using the term "Yanks" it is done so with respect and admiration. Right?
3/28/09 3:44 PM
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EckY -  they should have left TUF on Bravo, apparently the ratings for TUF on Setanta last season were horrible.

Yeah, it didn't help that you couldn't series link it on Sky+ I just downloaded it every week
3/28/09 10:43 PM
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A little too intoxicated to make any proper points, but WAR Bisping and WAR Team UK. Can't wait!
3/28/09 10:56 PM
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 Ya like soccer too UKFIGHTER?
3/28/09 11:16 PM
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Yes mate, was good fun. Not a brilliant match but my first time at the new Wembley so was an interesting experience. Not like Slovakia were much of a test but thought England played well enough, Rooney in particular was in good form. Hope you're all doing well, think I'll go pass out now but once again...

3/28/09 11:23 PM
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 I played soccer for 20 years straight and had scholarships to just about any HS or College around. At one point i was the #1 prospect in PA and i actually played semi-pro soccer here in PA. I just stopped coaching last year because it was taking too much time out of my schedule, but i might start again next season.
3/29/09 6:49 AM
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Wow, Macman has the skills. Thats really cool. I appreciate Americans playing football because I know its not exactly popular there and somewhat derided.

Anyway, got a good night's sleep and normal business can now resume.

PS> Can't be supporting hooliganism but UKFIGHTER is still the man. I'm just about to add you v teamquestfan to the front page.
3/29/09 8:12 AM
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UKFIGHTERUK - Too? Its number 1 sport here most people have a team its like NFL for you guys i guess. I was one of Britians youngest football hooligans banned from every football match in Britian for 5 years and had my passport held for every England game abroad.

Holy Shit, UKFIGHTER is more British than all of us put together.... where you hail from pal?
3/29/09 12:19 PM
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UKFIGHTERUK - Too? Its number 1 sport here most people have a team its like NFL for you guys i guess. I was one of Britians youngest football hooligans banned from every football match in Britian for 5 years and had my passport held for every England game abroad.

thats quite the claim to fame you have there skippy
3/29/09 1:18 PM
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Teamquestfan i totally agree that Bisping lost to Hammil, but like i said i belive he won the Rashad fight.

And as for overating him, i'm not, just like u said. Bisping is a good up and coming fighter but with alot of room too improve.
anyone with any sense can see this is a bad matchup for Hendo, Bisping will outstrike him for 15 mins.
Bisping via decision.

the only way i can see it going diffrent is if Hendo catches him with a wild hook.

oh and for the record when Bisping beats Hendo, he should not fight Anderson, that is just stupid. i really can't see him beating Silva, i would love too see it but would be painfull too watch.
p.s anyone want a money wager on the fight i'm down 4 it.(teamquestfan) im looking in your direction
Edited: 3/29/09 2:06 PM
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Welcome onboard the Bandwagon DJ Studd, great to have you here.

Also welcome aldegas, clearly a worthy contributor and we look foward to hearing more from you. Unfortunately teamquestfan is tied up in a screen-name bet with UKFIGHTERUK, although he has shown willing to take part in a 'loser buys the winner a blue-name' bet so I suppose its possible he could have a second bet with you in that regard, while keeping his screen-name bet with UK. See what he says. Otherwise I can certainly put your name on the front page saying you're looking for a challenger.

Later tonight I'll post my reasons why I think Bisping will win this fight. Between us all and the arguments we've put forward, I don't really know why any reasonable MMA fan could think otherwise.
3/29/09 5:42 PM
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Great job in the Henderson thread by the way UK, you told him in no uncertain terms whats going to happen.

No-one is taking anything away from Hendo and all that he has achieved in the sport, acknowledging that will only make Bisping's win so much more important. But its pretty clear Hendo has become a tad predictable since he's been in the UFC. Not only that but he seems slower (understandable with age) and also appears to have lost that explosiveness.

Bisping is a more refined striker, he will be able to pick off Hendo at will. He lands a few jabs or a decent combo, gives Hendo something to think about, bloody his nose a little and Hendo will start lurching foward like he admits to. He says sometimes he can't stick to his gameplan. This is where Bisping's excellent crisp counter-striking will come into play, in many aspects like the Leben fight. Where Machida gets called elusive, Bisping gets called a running man. Except his counter-striking is just as good. Expect to see Hendo's face start to swell, the blood starting to run out of his nose so he's puffing around with his mouth open. He'll find he can't get in range to land his big right hand which Bisping will see coming a mile away, while in the meantime he continues to have his head snapped back by Bisping's beautiful clean combos.

If he tries to get close enough to initiate a clinch he'll eat a few and when the stars clear he'll wonder where the fuck Bisping got to as once again he finds himself out of range, and start to realise he's too slow to win the stand up batttle.

This is where Hendo thinks 'shit, I'd better try and take him down'. Except he finds each time he goes for a take-down that he's getting stuffed out. Bisping's take-down defense is criminally underated by most people here. He might land one or two desperate attempts but can't keep him down and trudingly pulls himself back up to his feet to eat a few more punches in bunches.

By the time we're in the third round, Mother Time has kicked in and Hendo's feeling his age. His breathing is hard, his arms are heavy, his shoulders hunched, his mouth sucking in air, his Desperate Dan chin sticking out a mile. This is where either Bisping runs rings around him, putting on a demonstration in effective and technically beautiful stand up, combos, kicks, much to the disapproval of the Vegas crowd who have gone deathly quiet. Either this happens and Bisping perhaps scores a 10-8 final round or even more magically, Bisping breaks his will, Dan gets massively sloppy through mental tiredness and the battering-induced fatique and BOOOOOM......

Bisping lands one right on the button...

Hendo drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes....

Bisping follows up with a couple of exclamation point-style blows (a rape choke is always welcome, Rampage style)....

The ref pulls Bisping off Hendo's limp body....

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen, just like we said. Bisping and the UK take the glory at the biggest MMA pay per view of all time. Its going to be beautiful boys.

3/29/09 5:43 PM
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That was long, sorry.
3/29/09 5:52 PM
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 Im a fan of both guys, I just hope for a good fight and for the best guy to win.

As for TUF, UK will smash the US.  The US team's only chance is to LnP decisions.
3/29/09 6:10 PM
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UKFIGHTERUK - Teamquestfan won't do and cash bets! The guy is a wimp he loses arguments and goes and starts a "Hamill vs Bisping" to make himself feel better as he leaves this thread with a a spanked arse each time he shows up in here.

I didn't think you wanted a screenname bet with me. I pratically had to beg you to take the bet from the beginning. I've been with Hendo and Couture since the beginning, probably when you and Bisping were still crapping in your diapers and watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Anyway, I don't need your screenname bet. It's enough to get back on this thread or even start a new one after Henderson initiates Bisping into the big league.
3/29/09 6:19 PM
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Also, UKFighter, my thread is open to anyone to respond and as I expected, aside from you and a couple of other blindingly Nationalistic, patriot Brits, EVERYONE else thinks Hamill clearly won that fight and many even go so far as to call it the worst deicision in MMA history. Wait, I know, your'e the only one who sees things clearly, its the rest of the world thats fucked up.

I cannot wait for you to eat your words on the Bisping/Henderson fight.
3/29/09 6:29 PM
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UKFIGHTERUK - Teamquestfan won't do and cash bets! The guy is a wimp he loses arguments and goes and starts a "Hamill vs Bisping" to make himself feel better as he leaves this thread with a a spanked arse each time he shows up in here.

Unless something is lost in translation or we don't speak the same language I think you pussied out of the screename bet with "Teamquest fan won't do". Did I miss something.
Edited: 3/29/09 6:33 PM
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Also, I am Henderson all the way and will bet a mudname or bluename membership with ANYBODY. I am that confident in Henderson breaking Bisping down. UKFIGHTERUK you say "Back to wrestling", I say "Back to Cage Warriors."