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3/29/09 6:45 PM
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And I thought you just backed out in the earlier post. I thought we had a screename bet as well. The screename bet will just add to your humiliation when Henderson brings Bisping back down to earth. The real joy will be to see you trying to excuse away Bispings' domination by Henderson. I'm wondering how many bullshit excuses you will find or if you will even show back up to accept your humiliating defeat.
3/29/09 6:47 PM
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In addition, I would never walk away from my convictions and any bet I placed. I thought you backed out.
3/29/09 6:57 PM
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Ken Lee - I'd be down for a screen-name bet, or maybe even a loser-buys-a-blue bet with a screenname bet thrown in for good measure.

I would love to bet but I am definetly obligated to make my bet with UKFIGHTERUK good. Besides, although we totally disagree on the winner of Bisping/Henderson, at least you seem somewhat reasonable, as does explodingboy (a little). Whereas, UKFIGHTERUK is so obnoxiously single-minded that it would be too dificult to lose the opportunity to shut him up when Dan uses his Olymic level Greco-Roman Clinch to control Bisping and setup takedowns. And just when Bisping expects the shoot or clinch, Dan will come with the overhand right which will have Bisping seeing stars and then the left hook to finish the fight by KO/TKO.
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And that is truly what I believe.

Although Henderson is 38 years old, he is certainly still well within the age to compete at this level. He has obviously not abused his body with unnatural substances for performance enhancing purpose like many other fighters who have met earlier retirement. I put him in the same league as his former teammate and TeamQuest co-founder Randy Couture and Henderson is about 7-8 years younger than Randy. Dan's age should not be a factor, escpecially in a 3 round fight.

His experience, in MMA and Olympic level Greco, however, will be a factor. Dan's Greco and clinch is on a whole other level than what anyone in England, including Bisping has ever experienced in an MMA fight.

For those saying that Bisping is so good at takedown defense. Understand that Greco is different from Freestyle wrestling which relies heavily on shooting for single or double leg takedowns. Bisping may have a good sprawl but that will do nothing to negate Dan's clinch and control against the cage. Once Bisping finds himself in the clinch with his back to the cage, there is no where to sprawl and he is going down whenever Henderson decides thats where the fight will go.

Dan will mix clinchwork, takedowns, and dirty boxing with his overhand right and left hook combinations to keep Bisping guessing as to whether Dan will shoot or strike. Bisping WILL eventually guess wrong and get caught and TKO'ed.

If Henderson happens to not catch Bisping clean enough to KO him, he will dominate the fight with superior wrestling and more damaging striking.

One thing for sure, Hendo's chin can take Bispings best shot and Bisping is lights out if Hendo lands his.
3/29/09 7:20 PM
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Team UK is going to get so bitch slapped
3/29/09 7:26 PM
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So much salty (from all the tears) Tea, and so many trips to the bath tub will be needed for all you queen loving fairys.
3/29/09 7:26 PM
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Glad the bet is back on chaps. Its been on the front page since this morning, so we can consider it set in stone, screen-name bet UKFIGHTERUK V teamquestfan is a lock.

teamquestfan, also have a look at the end of page 6. aldegas has a proposition for you, if you wish to take up a secondary loser-buys-a-bluename bet. Of course you might want to just keep things simple and just stick to your screen-name bet with UK, which is fine. Your banter is appreciated.

Ken Lee, I'll throw your name up on the first page and we can wait to see if there is someone brave enough to answer your challenge :)

Seems there are more people prepared to put their money (or names) where their mouths are when it comes to backing Bisping rather than Hendo...
3/29/09 7:30 PM
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you too alex
3/29/09 7:52 PM
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How do you mean? I'm quite happy to keep our bet screen-name only, I only just paid out for mine. Plus the humiliation I bestow upon you is more than enough added incentive for me young man.

This fight feels more and more like the main event of 100.

Signing off for tonight.
3/29/09 7:55 PM
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Will you be a Hendo fan after he humiliates Bisping or will you bitterly root against him for the rest of your days?
3/29/09 8:25 PM
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 Who is the guy from Team UK that has the black hat on in the picture on the first page? That guy looks like a little badass. Good to see the SN bet is back on and i plan on betting someone too whenever the fresh fish get's enough balls to bet me.

3/29/09 10:17 PM
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I'm hoping this turns out to be a decent season with plenty of great fights. I am excited for the Brits as they are taking to MMA and running with it. Some good fighters coming out of the UK now. I am all for the friendly competition and am a fan of MMA FIRST and just want to see exciting fights.

Personally, I will be rooting for fighters as I always do: on an individual basis.

3/30/09 9:40 AM
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thetrollsmasher - Will you be a Hendo fan after he humiliates Bisping or will you bitterly root against him for the rest of your days?

IF the fight doesn't happen how I described as above and somehow Hendo manages to sneak out a decision, I will harbour somewhat of a grudge against him. The extent of my disdain will be determined by

A. How he acts on the show.
B. How he reacts after the fight.

In all liklihood I would probably want him to lose every fight he's in unless it was against Wanderlei, in which case I would be rooting for a rare double knockout.

Macman is truly a pioneer, showing you Americans how easy it should be to put your nationality aside and want to see the superior fighter excel. What a legend Macman.
3/30/09 9:45 AM
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I should just add that I don't dislike Dan Henderson, he just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How about you trollsmasher? When Bisping wins are you going to be a convert? Maybe you'll start to appreciate what we've been saying. Perhaps we should add a little side issue to our bet, where the loser has to start a thread expressly stating that the better man won the fight. No sarcasm, no irony, just an admission that the winner of Hendo/Bisping is the superior fighter.
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explodingboy your view on how the fight goes was beautiful, bravo sir, bravo.Bisping will set too much of a pace and Hendo will be running on empty, midway into round 2. that's when Hendo will get hammered.I can see it now, Bisping beautifully counter striking Hendo for the full 15. Hendo's own mother won't recognize him after the fight.But what's funny is that after all this happens, teamquest fan and the Hendo nuthuggers will be saying how Bisping ran the whole fight. just like you did after the Leben fight. funny wasn't it how he ran the whole of the Leben fight. Leben must have tripped and landed on his face while he was running after Mike.And for the record. allways had alot of respect and admiration for Dan Henderson, made me a fan after i saw him maul Murillo Bustamante, was very immpresive.But huge Bisping fan, and trully belive he will outclass Hendo. badmatchup for him clearly.p.s goodwork guys explodingboy, UKFIGHTERUK, macman1000, KreigerVonGott,KenLee keep up the support WAR TEAM UK!!!
3/30/09 2:30 PM
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 Thank you very much, very kind of you. You are a welcome addition onboard the Bandwagon. Everyone is doing a great job and rest assured, after July 11 we will be the ones having the last laugh...

3/30/09 2:32 PM
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ttt 4 Bisping and team uk
3/30/09 6:24 PM
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Been a quiet day on the Bandwagon, but its okay, not every day can be action-filled. Not long until it all kicks off now.

Can't find any mention of TUF on the sky guide yet, not even on Virgin 1 on Sunday night. They had better get their arses in gear.

Anyway, signing off.

3/30/09 7:03 PM
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hahahaha the bandwagon is in full effect. Hendo better get his plastic surgeon ready, cause after the fight he's gonna need it!
3/30/09 9:08 PM
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The Leben bullshit is hillarious, you only have to look at his face to see how many hits he took. Bisping took him to school.
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You fuckers are really starting to get irritating. You guys are feeding off of each others shit to the point that it's getting absurd. Dan is Big League and has proven it, Bisping is "B League" and has proven nothing except that he can compete with TUFers. Hendo is in a whole other league and this will be apparent when they fight. Honestly, I want to know what you guys are going to say when this thing blows up in your faces and Bisping gets wrecked by Henderson's big overhand right? The shit talking and boasting is through the roof. I've never seen anyone on this forum as boisterous as UKFIGHTERUK. When this is done I will actually feel sorry for you guys up until the point where you start making up bullshit excuses for Bisping's loss!
3/31/09 6:59 AM
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3/31/09 7:02 AM
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3/31/09 7:51 AM
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Great post macman.

The difference between Bisping fans and Bisping haters is that we respect Henderson and the things he has accomplished. But the haters don't even respect Bisping one jot, as evidenced by calling him a 'B League' fighter. Thats just ridiculous. Have you not seen the progression in him every single time he's fought?

Perhaps coming out of TUF 3 I might've had my doubts about whether he could be a big contender in the UFC, but he's really proven me wrong, and every fight he has improved incredibly. Everything from how refined his striking has become, how good his take-down defense has come along, how masterful his gamesplans now are. Everything is coming along nicely and as he starts the prime of his career, this victory will signal to the world that he's up there with the big names now. While at the same time consigning Hendo to the history books.

teamquestfan, one little piece of advice for you:

Keep your words soft and sweet because on July 12 you're gonna be eating them!
3/31/09 10:21 AM
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 Thanx EB and that's a GREAT post above because i have been seeing a lot of that lately. I think Bisping could go on to beat Hendo and Anderson and people still won't give him his credit so i don't think it will change anytime soon, but what will change is the new claim by Palhares that Hendo GREASED. How about that one?