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3/31/09 12:41 PM
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exactlly Ken. teamquestfan how can you call Bisping a 'b fighter' when he actually should have beaten the current LH champ.

He worked Rashad so hard,Rashad was gassed and if it were a championship fight he probably would have ended up stopping him.

Everybody is going on now about how unstopplable Evans is, well i agree in some sense. he does look unstoppable but a so called 'B fighter' gave him a hell of a tough time. what's the sense in calling him a 'B fighter'?
3/31/09 12:49 PM
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Oh and for the record, don't you think it's strange that fighters like Cheick Kongo and Rampage are trainning with a 'B level fighter'.

God damn even Rampage belives he's got the best trainning camp in the world in the wolf's lair.
And might i say this is the best Rampage has EVER looked, and his current run of results show that.

And don't get me started on Kongo, the guy is an animal and is looking more and more immpressive every fight. they must be doing something right in the wolf's lair.

But hey their best fighter and the guy that put them on the map is considered ' B level' LMFAO
3/31/09 1:00 PM
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do we have confirmation on when this fucking thing is being shown over here??? what date what time and what channel!
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April 5th, 11pm on Virgin 1, its on the banner at the top. 
3/31/09 3:10 PM
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 Yeah, Ecky has it right. Although the sky guide still doesn't have it up yet. Bloody stupid scheduling if you ask me. You might want to give Ken Lee a pm if like me you can't wait half a week to watch it after the US.

Macman, thats interesting about Palhares/Hendo. Very interesting. Not that we should automatically assume Hendo greased just from that but these things always raise questions and I just hope all the relevent commission people and others perform a rigourous check on him before the fight just to be sure. A fight like this is way too big to have its legitamacy questioned. Kind of weird timing for this to come out, which makes you wonder if there is something to it.

Anyway, new Bisping interview here:


Forward it to 15.00 mins. A few interesting things, including Bisping would like another fight with Hamill and believes he could beat him pretty easily. Says he over-trained for the first fight but still did enough to win. Said he acted badly after the fight which is why he got booed at the Rashad fight. Would also love to fight Rashad again, and will one day look to return to the LHW division.

3/31/09 7:18 PM
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macman1000 -  Thanx EB and that's a GREAT post above because i have been seeing a lot of that lately. I think Bisping could go on to beat Hendo and Anderson and people still won't give him his credit so i don't think it will change anytime soon, but what will change is the new claim by Palhares that Hendo GREASED. How about that one?


You guys are pathetic. Now you are coming up with excuses for Bisping's loss before the fight even happens. It won't even have to come from Bisping. I'm sure his fans will claim that Henderson greased. Unbelievable.

P.S. If you have been watching MMA for anytime at all you will take what Bustamante,Filho,Arona, and many others from BTT claim with a grain of salt. No disrespect, but they THE BIGGEST EXCUSE MAKING CRYBABYS whn it comes to losing. Arona did it with Rampage, Busta did it with Henderson and the Headbutt, etc. They NEVER take responsibility for a loss!!!!
3/31/09 7:26 PM
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There will be no excuses teamquestfan, have no fear.

I hope we can expect the same from the Hendo/US fans.

Anyway, tomorrow it all kicks off and we'll have some actual fights to talk about and the build-up to the fight of the summer can officially begin. The last few days have been fun chaps, but it was only a warm-up...

Anyway, signing off.
3/31/09 7:31 PM
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Also, for the record, I don't think that Bisping is a "B" level fighter and I do not dislike him. My comments were in response to the ridiculous things you guys are saying about Bisping and him running through Hendo. There is NOTHING that should give any of you that much confidence of a Bisping win. Henderson is a MMA legend and deserves more respect than that. Dan will BUST Bisping up and I guarantee it will not look like the Leben fight.

So, let me ask this. You guys get your panties in a knot over the "B" level comment(which obviously achieved it's intended purpose), yet you think that the ridiculous nuthugging comments by UKFIGHTERUK about Bisping destroying Henderson is O.K. because he's British and follows the same fighter as you do. If you guys were being halfway objective about Bispings real chances in this fight and not just patting each other on the back everytime one of you makes some absurd claim, I would find it easier to refrain from making offhand comments as well.
3/31/09 8:32 PM
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Bisping is the real deal. I could see him fighting for the title. He is top 10 possibly top 5.

Bisping won the ultimate fighter and he was only one Brit of two in the whole competition. At this level its anyone's game.

Dan Harding looks like a quality fighter. He will be fighting for the title if he keeps winning as the competition improves.

Don't sell those weasley Limeys short.
3/31/09 8:37 PM
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I would love to see Bisping fight Hammel again. Hammel won the fight. Bisping would win ala Rich Franklin if they faught again. Bisping / Rashad would be a good fight. I think Machida will be the Champion soon so Likely Rampage Jackson gets Machida.
3/31/09 9:34 PM
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Hamill did not win the fight, check Sherdog.
4/1/09 9:10 AM
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 Good posts oliverfig, apart from the 'weasley limeys' bit. No need for that.

Tonight is the night it all kicks off. (At least in the US).
Exciting stuff. All you US nay-sayers had better start paying attention because you're in for a rude awakening...



4/1/09 9:22 AM
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 By the way, the biggest April Fools joke is that there are still people who think Henderson will beat Bisping!

A little glimpse into the fight for you ^^
4/1/09 10:09 AM
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WAR Team UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/1/09 10:28 AM
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explodingboy -  By the way, the biggest April Fools joke is that there are still people who think Henderson will beat Bisping!

A little glimpse into the fight for you ^^

Actually, the real April fools joke is the decision win for Bisping over Hamil. He got beat down and still won!!!lolhahaha
4/1/09 10:50 AM
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My man Nick O will be one of the Brits to watch out for!

4/1/09 10:52 AM
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i hope they dont use subtitles for every british fighter some of it really isn't needed
4/1/09 10:54 AM
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explodingboy - There will be no excuses teamquestfan, have no fear.

4/1/09 11:08 AM
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 Whenever I read a post from a guy I know is from the UK I read it with an english accent in my head lol  am i the only one?
4/1/09 12:18 PM
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If anyone can't see the picture above, its a screenshot from the new UFC Undisputed game of Bisping about to land one on Hendo 'right on the button'. Its beautiful.

Harry the Gimp, welcome to the Bandwagon! We'll definately be looking out for Nicholas Osipczak. Keep on posting and tell him to drop by sometime once the show gets going.

lattmmrh, you're right, subtitles really aren't needed unless their accents are Terry Etim levels of indecipherablility.
jacktripper, you can save whatever you like because I only tell it like it is.
BigEyedFish, we can all agree it was a close call, its subjective, I just happen to think Bisping shaded it.
Fighty, you can read it with whatever accent you like, Jamaican if you want. Who's your pick for the fight?
4/1/09 6:27 PM
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Just thought I'd TTT this incase any of the 'all mouth, no trousers' brigade in the other thread want to make any screen-name bets.

Looking foward to the show starting tonight. Just a reminder that the UK showing is on Sunday night at 11 on Virgin 1, but there are always ways and means of seeing it before then.

By the way chaps, got another response from Bisping, he promises to be on once he's not so tied up, and he's had a read and a laugh at some of it.

So lets keep it rolling and repping Team UK...
4/1/09 6:32 PM
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"BigEyedFish, we can all agree it was a close call, its subjective, I just happen to think Bisping shaded it. "

Umm no, we all cant. It was one sided. And keep in mind I was a Bisping fan and Hamil hater up until the start of that fight. Sorry, but I dont agree that it was close. Bisping lost soundly
4/1/09 6:41 PM
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yeah I know they did, and I did too. All that WOOOOOO! shit was so annoying I wanted to break my TV. But when he was robbed in the Bisping fight, he was classy and respectful - that earned my respect. Bisping really surprised and disappointed me with the gloating and the dis on wrestlers (which I am not). I hope Hendo retires Bisping. And if he doesnt, its just a matter of time before he loses a Rd.1 sub to Maia.
4/1/09 7:16 PM
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 The Bisping/Hamill result has been done to death, but basically if you look at what Ken Lee had to say about it in the other thread, I would have to agree with him. The subjective aspect of the sport is in the scoring, and while it can't ever be 100% guaranteed, in order to keep the credibility of judging as it should be, we have to accept the result. You don't hear Bisping fans going on and on about the Evans fight, when that too has been questioned by many. Its just time to move foward.

It seems Bisping himself regrets the gloating after the fight, so we can accept that as a moment of triumph gone a bit far. And anyway, a little bit of controversy is what keeps people talking and builds interest, I don't have a massive problem with it.

And Maia would have to get Bisping down to sub him. Can't really see that happening. He isn't likely gonna do a Sonnen.

Anyway, I can't stay up for UFN tonight, been concreting today, exhausted. So I'll watch the replay tomorrow night on Setanta and be back on here after.

Keep it up, signing off.