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7/30/09 6:24 PM
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KriegerVonGott - 
McSlugga - He said that on a Marcus Davis thread too, the EXACT same thing, he doesnt understand that if he said that too most Irish Americans faces, he would get DESTROYED.I take that back, he knows it, but hes a scared little bitch that hides on the internet.Grimbo, trot into a hostile section of N. Ireland with a protestant soccer jersey on and make yourself a martyr.Id love to see it on the news.

The same can be said with Catholic "soccer" jerseys in parts of Ireland.

Buddy you're clueless.

I think youre the one who is clueless, are protestants not the minority in Ireland anymore?

Shouldnt you be making a "Hey, Joe Rogan, look at me thread right now"?

"Joe Rogan, Im going to Amsterdam and I wanted to know what you think I should do when Im there, because youre famous and Im an internet geek that just wants more attention"

Fuck off goofball.
7/30/09 6:28 PM
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And I said N. Ireland, not "parts of Ireland".

Your reading comprehension needs work, bruh.
7/30/09 6:32 PM
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 Are you guys still going on about this?
7/30/09 7:07 PM
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here we go again with the engrish
7/30/09 11:29 PM
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Why the fuck does this thread still exist?

Oh and LOL at the fake Irishmen - "Let me know the date and I'll greet you at the airport.We can go right to the gym so I can smash you."

Seriously guys? Getting worked up over some stranger posting on the internet?

Give up you fat fucks.