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4 days ago
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I watched 11 seconds of Johnny Walker interview and could not believe what I was watching. When did this happen? Why did this happen? Does anybody actually appreciate that style of interview? I'm so confused...  


Seriously, what the f@ck is going on these days? Is the UFC backing this...?

4 days ago
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what are you on about? The schmo is a legend and great interviewer. 

4 days ago
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Schmo is the man! 

4 days ago
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It’s a reflection of our society. Expect more of this retard stuff. 

4 days ago
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I don't get it either.  

4 days ago
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Hes awesome! 

4 days ago
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Hes like the nardwar of mma except not nearly as entertaining

4 days ago
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I enjoy his short interviews :-)

4 days ago
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He grows on you after awhile. The fighters seem to enjoy his schtick and positive energy as well.

4 days ago
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Eskimo - 

It’s a reflection of our society. Expect more of this retard stuff. 

3 days ago
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He asks great questions that’s for certain, and the fighters all seem to like him!! 

3 days ago
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ya he asks good questions and makes it entertaining. gimmicky but something different at least. its funny seeing ppls reactions to his schtik.
3 days ago
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cant stand listening to it - but he has an audience, so good for him. 

3 days ago
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He’s sure done well for himself since his memorable ufc presser 

3 days ago
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I love him. 

OP needs to get woke.

3 days ago
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coastmma -

He’s sure done well for himself since his memorable ufc presser 

fair play to him, I wonder if he has any aspirations of being respected.

3 days ago
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It was an amusing gimmick, the first time we saw him last year. 

The shark jumped itself, it's completely retarded.

3 days ago
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Youtube ruined everything. Having a bunch of competing corporations with a stranglehold over entertainment was obviously the best system. Now it’s Disney, Netflix and “content creators”. 

3 days ago
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The Schmo is part of a CIA psyop designed to infiltrate and manipulate casual MMA fans

3 days ago
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3 days ago
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He asks better questions than most

3 days ago
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Helluvah Guy - 


Yep total bite of nadwars dumb shit but the thing is both seem to end up with great interviewees. I mean I hate the shit I think they brought him in thinking it would bring in the fence sitters who always thought mma was too violent....pacify them with stupidity.
3 days ago
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I can see the comparison with Nardwuar. Nardwuar is not even a great interviewer though. He just digs up random shit from the interviewee's past and that illicits a big response that people think is entertaining. But it's not like he does any hard hitting, interesting interviews.


He interviews a bunch of people with double digit IQ's so it's really on him to bring the most out of the situation. Same thing goes for the schmo.

3 days ago
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I don't watch him at all.

2 days ago
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Love the schmo! Fighters seem to like him too. Breathe of fresh air from the same generic questions the media ask, he asks some unorthodox questions and gets good responses. The schmo does his research too he has surprised me a few times. People who hate the schmo probably love watch Luke Thomas