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The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #24: UFC 249 
UFC post-fight coverage with two veterans of the MMA world.  Shane Garrett and Adam Guerra are both guys that I met through the original submissionfighting.com forums in the 90s as the sport was just starting to grow.  In this episode, we break down both events in detail.  

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #23: JAKE HEUN 
I first heard about Jake Heun as a local football player at the University of Hawaii when I living on Oahu.  Over the years Jake has fought and trained in numerous countries and has found a career resurgence in RIZIN.  In this episode we talk about his development over the years and his goals as a fighter competing in Japan long-term.

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #22
Kala "Kolohe" Hose discusses his roots of training in Hawaii, his fight career, and his feelings on how the Hawaii fight scene has changed over the past few years.

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #21
Melchor Manibusan is a well-known figure on the island of Guam.  He is involved in multiple businesses, including his promotion "Brawl," his coffee shop "Coffee Slut," and his clothing line "Cauliflower Culture."  In this episode, Todd talk with Melchor Manibusan about his extensive wrestling history, his opinions on wrestling for Mixed Martial Arts, his close friendship with Kid Yamamoto, and what is like taking care of him in his final moments.

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #20
Chris Leben's time in Hawaii starting in 2008 when Atkins and Leben first met, after Chris was brought out to be the Head Coach at T.Jay Thompson's ICON Sport Gym. Atkins and Leben discuss his thoughts on coaching and living in Hawaii.  In the second part, the pair get into the issues regarding his initial heart problems and how getting sober helped to overcome them. In the third segment, they discuss bare-knuckle fighting in depth, and talk about the difference in training for this kind of combat vs. fighting in the UFC.

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #19
Monte Cox joins the show to talk about the UFC 249 cancellation and his experiences over the twenty years of fight promotion/management.  The pair also discuss his podcast with Jeremy Horn, the historical book he is writing about MMA, and his battle with the IRS.  

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #18
Todd takes some time off from discussing martial arts while still connecting to his time in Hawaii. Unless you've been living under a rock the past few weeks, you have all seen or heard about the Netflix series "Tiger King" by now.  In this episode, Atkins had a chance to speak with Kelci "Saff" Saffery who was heavily featured in the series and has been overwhelmingly well-received as the most level headed member of the park crew. The pair talk about Saff's upbringing in Hawaii, life in the military, and the difficulty of moving on from a life of tigers and chaos.  

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #17
Atkins talks in-depth about COVID-19 and martial arts with Antonio Graceffo, who has been living and training in Asia for nearly 20 years. Graceffo holds a PhD from Shanghai University of Sport Wushu Department where he wrote his dissertation “A Cross Cultural Comparison of Chinese and Western Wrestling” in Chinese. He is the author of 11 books, including The Wrestler’s Dissertation, Beyond the Belt and Road: China’s Global Economic Expansion, A Deeper Look at the Chinese Economy, and Warrior Odyssey. His China economic reports are featured regularly in The Foreign Policy Journal and published in Chinese at The Shanghai Institute of American Studies, a Chinese government think tank. 

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #16
Q&A before the premier screening of "Tommy" at Circle Cinema in Tulsa Oklahoma. Tommy is a documentary film about the rise of all of Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tommy Morrison. The guests featured were filmmaker Gentry Kirby, promoter Tony Holden, and Tommy's first wife Dawn Hosterman Freeman. 

The Todd Atkins MMA Show Episode #15
Jiujitsu blackbelt and MMA fighter Andy Wang talks about his experiences in China with the Coronavirus, training and coaching various fighters including UFC Champion Welli Zhang and his martial arts beginnings in Hawaii and California.

3/5/20 3:37 PM
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Fuck Todd Atkins.

3/6/20 4:14 PM
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Floppy Divac -

Fuck Todd Atkins.

No. Fuck you. 

3/6/20 8:13 PM
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he got some stuff but also hes wrong sometimes to
3/6/20 8:49 PM
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3/6/20 10:11 PM
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Is this Todd Atkins from UG/OG fame of like 20 years ago? Or a different guy? Maybe he was Adkins or something. Thanks.
3/6/20 10:12 PM
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i'm waiting for the OMA interview.

3/6/20 10:31 PM
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LOL...Orcus Atkins.


3/7/20 12:06 AM
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Now that is a name from the past. Lol

3/7/20 12:46 AM
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FCTV808 - 

i'm waiting for the OMA interview.

Famous suggestion :-)

3/7/20 12:54 AM
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Ryann Von Doom -
Floppy Divac -

Fuck Todd Atkins.

No. Fuck you. 

Another dirty welcher I see.

3/21/20 12:19 PM
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#15 dropped

3/21/20 2:04 PM
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I might check it out one day,  good to see that he is still around,  guy is famous here

3/21/20 4:22 PM
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bob s - he got some stuff but also hes wrong sometimes to

Jesus....Bob s

3/21/20 9:53 PM
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3/21/20 10:11 PM
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jesus H
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I seem to recall someone beat todd up at an Hawaiian event

3/21/20 11:48 PM
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He got choked unconscious by Marcelo Tigre's coach at Superbrawl.

3/21/20 11:58 PM
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Squatdog - 

He got choked unconscious by Marcelo Tigre's coach at Superbrawl.

Not true
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he was sporting a pretty good shiner from what i recall

3/22/20 12:28 AM
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Todd Atkins is a throwback name from Hawaii UG. Same guy right?
3/22/20 4:18 PM
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Episode 3 with Enson was awesome.

Sidebar, I know Todd in real life, not from the internet and he’s a great person. 

3/22/20 4:18 PM
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ChinoV - Todd Atkins is a throwback name from Hawaii UG. Same guy right?


3/22/20 5:46 PM
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Good last podcast- I'm interested in when (what day) he interview Andy Wang?

In the interview (Andy lives in China), he said gyms are still closed.

He also mentioned that he lived far away from Wuhan, and by the Jan 20, they had closed down all the stores and started taking temperature readings of everyone.

If that is the case....we are going to be closed down (gyms) in USA for a long time.

3/22/20 6:17 PM
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^ I just asked him on FB- he interviewed Andy 2 days ago.

Our BJJ gyms will be closed for a loooong time :(