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Tragic fucking news,  the Youtube channel and original website for Bikini.com are GONE.    For those that don't know,  it was Bikini.com that gave Michelle Waterson her nickname,  "The Karate Hottie".     They also recorded some of the most incredible videos and photos of her when she was a 20-year old just getting into modeling, before she started MMA.    True artwork and honestly how many of us first discovered this INCREDIBLE woman.

The Youtube videos had MILLIONS of hits and thousands of comments on Michelle's videos.    The website was honestly a work of art.   It had existed since the 90's or early '00s and was unashamededly full of bright colors and montages of incredible women flaunting their bodies in tiny bikinis.  In fact, it was titled, "The World's Biggest Beach Party" and was probably most famous for discovering Kate Upton.  A true throwback of a URL.

Michelle has become so much more than that now, but there is no harm in acknowleging the beautiful history of this inspiring fighter.

Fortunately,  I have been able to find most of the the videos and photos from the website and YT channel and rehosted them for your viewing pleasure below.





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The Pictures:

White Bikini:

Red Lace Bikini:

White Tube Top:

Red String Bikini:


Black Karate Pants and Nike top:

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VTFU, good sir.

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Some more pics,  will update these original posts with the rest as I find them.

Black and Gold Bikini:

Red Kung Fu Outfit:

Pink Bikini with white ruffles.

Pink String Bikini

Brown and Pink Bikini:

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My maaaaaaaaaaaan.

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Here is another video.

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Dat ass!!! And she's as cute as she can be!



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And the last video of the 4 known Bikini.com videos.     CHEERS!     Luv ya Michelle!

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She is "Outside of MMA" hot Phone Post 3.0
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By far the hottest fighter ever . . . by a comfortable margin.
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Get the atomweights into the UFC, ASAP

god damn
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Ok, that's all the pictures from the original website I have.     I know there are a ton more floating around, many of them posted in the "Official" Michelle Waterson thread, so look there for more:  http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2215532/Michelle-Waterson-The-Karate-Hottie-thread/?page=1


Also, the second video posted is kind of really fucking cool.     It was made by Bikini.com in 2013,  I think as a tribute to Michelle after she won her belt.    It's in HD and has a SHITLOAD of previously unseen pictures in it.     It frustrates me to no end to know that there is a goddamn TREASURE TROVE of high quality Karate Hottie pics and videos out there that we will probably never see.

Anyway, enjoy what we do have,  and Michelle is now in her MMA prime,  with the UFC and others finally figuring out what a lot of us have known for YEARS....   Michelle "The Karate Hottie" Waterson is amazing.

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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-I3z8x40BaAQ/UrMYtHXlNPI/AAAAAAAAFbo/1hTtV57nqBg/s1600/final.gif Phone Post 3.0
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Always IN for a karate hottie thread Phone Post 3.0
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In Phone Post 3.0
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UFC learn how to deliver like OP did Phone Post 3.0
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she's not ugly. Phone Post
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CoughSyrupOD - 



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CoughSyrupOD -


VU and VU OP Phone Post 3.0
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All up in this bitch. Phone Post 3.0
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Hottie Phone Post 3.0
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These should be collected and sent into outer-space to save for future generations.
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ran out of tissue, oh deer