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8/3/20 10:48 PM
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Fighters in the UFC are tested on an ongoing by USADA, and are also subject to testing by the relevant state, tribal, provincial, or municipal government athletic commissions, once they sign a contract for a fight. It was via the latter process that former flyweight title challenger Tim Elliott and undefeated light heavyweight prospect Jamahal Hill reportedly tested positive for the notorious PED demon weed, at UFC on ESPN 9 on May 30, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marc Raimondi for ESPN broke the news.

Both Elliott and Hill are suspended temporarily; the suspension are expected to be extended on Wednesday. A full disciplinary hearing will be held at some point in future. Suspensions for the first time failure for cannabis in Nevada are typically nine months.

Two other fighters, UFC lightweight Luis Pena and UFC middleweight Marc-Andre Barriault, are also on Wednesday's agenda for temporary suspension extensions. NSAC chief assistant Jeff Mullen told Raimondi that the reason for their suspensions will be made public on Wednesday.

USADA does not appear to have honored the temporary suspensions, as Elliott beat Ryan Benoit at UFC on ESPN 13  on July 16 on Fight Island, Abu Dhabi.

8/3/20 10:51 PM
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Thank God they're getting Americans for pot and not testing fighters in other countries at all. 

8/3/20 11:03 PM
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Demon Weed is worse than Turinabol

These poor fighters will be pulsing for the rest of their careers sadly

8/3/20 11:12 PM
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3 months tops

8/3/20 11:19 PM
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What is demon weed? 

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The devils lettuce. Will these addicts ever learn?

8/3/20 11:41 PM
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How can O'Malley get high but they can't? 

8/4/20 12:28 AM
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Mjump05 -

What is demon weed? 


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Oh no. Another man punished for being a fiend of the wacky tobacky. NSAC I’d expect it from. I remember the suspension hearing for Nick Diaz when he heat Gomi and one of the commission members said he could see that the weed had given the power to not feel pain. Then they gave him a 5 yr. suspension. 
     Maybe they can say it was just pickgrams and they’ll move the entire event to another state. 

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Meanwhile... The ufc is letting all the international fighters juice 

8/4/20 11:12 AM
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knockoutfighter -

Wanna mail me one?


I need to figure out my edible game.

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I’ll try to make a thread on the OG soon.  Like “pot brownies” title or something.  I actually had questions for people about it.  Lots of OGers have it down to a science.  I kind of have my own way of making oil, but I’m not an expert.