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6/14/19 8:46 PM
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Kinda feel bad for Pico

6/14/19 9:11 PM
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Bilge Water - 

Kinda feel bad for Pico

I do too as he has an awesome skillset for Mma but just cannot take hard shots..he fought a pretty smart fight tonight but still lost...

I had Pico as the rising superstar in Mma but not now..his chin will keep him from being elite..that's a shame

6/14/19 9:13 PM
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Bilge Water -

Kinda feel bad for Pico

Yeah me too.. the kid seems to have all the skills... 

6/14/19 9:41 PM
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Bilge Water - 

Kinda feel bad for Pico

Hard not to.
6/14/19 10:04 PM
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Eskimo -

Pico has switched Camps and is training at Jackson/Wink 

Maybe they can train the retard out of him.

Seems that’s not going to happen. 

6/14/19 10:07 PM
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Bilge Water - 

Kinda feel bad for Pico

Hard not to.

I don't. Dude thinks he's better than he is, and asked to be thrown in the deep end. It's his own fault.

6/15/19 5:03 AM
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I've never seen someone have so much hype and lose every fight I've watched of his.  I can't remember watching him win a fight, but I see him get hype threads all the time.

6/15/19 6:12 AM
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Very rarely has there been a world class wrestler with his skillsets enter MMA in their 20's. Most elite wrestlers started MMA after their prime in wrestling and went on to dominate MMA.

I thought Pico would be a sure fire star based on his pedigree, talent and youth. Never saw this coming.
6/15/19 7:42 AM
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This is why having a great background in any aspect doesn’t always apply


There is wrestling then there is MMA wrestling

There is boxing/striking then there is MMA striking 


If you can’t translage your skills into MMA skills then you’ll get beat in your own game or any game. Gotta love this sport but feel for Pico

6/15/19 8:27 AM
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 He seems like he's 100% dedicated and busts his ass training. It would be easier to not feel bad if he was fucking off patrying or skipping on training. I think the problem is his standup/ striking is overrated. He won some Junior boxing tournaments years ago, and people think he's a world class boxer. The talk about him sparring Cotto doesnt help. Just because he has sparred with Cotto doesn't mean he is on Cotto's level. I think his striking is just good enough to make him over confident and willing to stand and trade. He's been badly rocked 3 times now getting stopped twice. It's clear his ability to take punches is not good. I think his only hope to become competitive on a championship level is to develope a very good BJJ game to compliment his worldclass wrestling. He needs to try to avoid standup exchanges as much as possible. I'm not too optimistic about his MMA future.

6/15/19 9:48 AM
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The kid really captured everyone's imagination with his success in wrestling and boxing and his complete dedication. He did not just compete in wrestling and boxing, he had pankration comp experience too.

I hope he stays at Jacksons. With perhaps not having the best chin in the world maybe the best thing he can do is become as good as possible at BJJ to let him finish fights with his wrestling to subs.

Still very young and talented. I still think he can do big things.

Plenty of top pros have been KOed a lot. Not many have faced the level of talent he has right out of the gate.
6/15/19 9:48 AM
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he has all the skills But no chin,cant teach that
6/15/19 9:54 AM
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Shitty ass management trying to cash in on him without any regard to his actual growth in the sport.

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Nah, I'm getting off this one.

6/15/19 12:54 PM
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I can see him winning rematches with Corrales and Borics right now.

He was controlling the entire Borics fight until the end and he had Corrales in trouble before he got too hungry for the finish.

Maybe not the next Jon Jones but I'm still pulling for him to win big fights and at just 22, he can get a lot better at MMA.
6/15/19 12:57 PM
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Overeem has been KO/TKOed 13x and he is still one of the most dangerous HWs in the world.

He bit off too much too fast but its too early to write the kid off.
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Sometimes I gravitate to fighters who experience big losses early in their careers but they stick at it, continue getting better, and eventually climb the ranks.  Michael Bisping the best example.


But Bisping, still had toughess established even though he was ko'd by the H-bomb, that was a strike that would ko any man.  Bisping took many hard blows in later fights and still trucked on.  Pico, he's been ko'd a lot early on and even if he trains more, gets better, has an advantage of skills over opponents, opponents will still feel at any point in the fight, there's a chance they can finish him.  It will make opponents stay in the fight and it will be his downfall.  


Dude should just retire while he still has his wits about him.