3/24/20 12:51 PM
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I just heard he passed. Can anyone confirm?

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Damn.  RIP.  I will try to find the episode of Tapout he was on.  


here it is..

3/24/20 1:19 PM
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Confirmed by his daughter Abby on Facebook

What I would give to hold your hand, be in your arms, laugh with you, love with you, to have you back...God works in so many ways and i try to understand them all but this i can’t... the amount of pain i feel is indescribable.. i never thought i would ever have to write this because i always wished i would go first so i never had to live a day without you..thank you for sculpting me into the person i am today, life will never make sense without you but it puts my mind at ease to know you are no longer in pain.. i love you forever, daddy.

I am so bummed f'n out. 

3/24/20 2:18 PM
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3/24/20 2:29 PM
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3/24/20 2:44 PM
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R.I.P. Tommy Trauma!!! Such a good guy, I’m so sad seeing that on Facebook this morning. 

3/24/20 2:59 PM
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RIP to one of the first, nicest, and toughest guys I met in the sport

3/24/20 3:04 PM
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Damn... RIP

3/24/20 3:06 PM
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Cause of death?

3/24/20 3:22 PM
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I was incredibly sad to hear about Tom Sauer's death this morning. I met him about 20 years ago at F2 Arena. He was the first person I ever grappled with. Every time I saw him he gave me a big bro hug and always have words of encouragement. He was a pioneer of his sport and a good man. I never heard a single bad word spoken about him or knew of anyone who disliked him. R.I.P Tom.

3/24/20 3:50 PM
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Met him briefly but was on the card where Dan Severn vs Nick Starks and we were altogether in the back while he was warming up Nick. He was doing some clinch/wrestling work with Nick. I was thinking the fight couldn’t be any more rough than the warmup they were doing. Two things that struck me was his intensity (you would have thought he was going to fight) and his positivity. Was almost like if Nick could get through their warmup, he could get through his fight with severn 


3/24/20 4:18 PM
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Met him once.  Nice guy.  Rest in peace. 

3/24/20 4:37 PM
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Holy shit! RIP. I grappled with him many times. He was a great guy and a hoot to hang with. 

3/24/20 4:59 PM
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One of the top 5 coolest guys I have ever met. Terrible loss. Rest In Peace old friend.

3/24/20 5:13 PM
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What happened to him?

3/24/20 5:16 PM
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Well damn, RIP
3/24/20 6:04 PM
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Damn. His win over Ensor was something.


3/24/20 6:18 PM
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I dearly loved that guy. I first met him around the huge WEF card in Augusta where Jens lost to Din Thomas. Spent time with him since.

He was a devoted family man and enjoyed forays into farming too.

I hope when I'm gone, folks will remember me for loving people like he did.

3/24/20 6:18 PM
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Erik Apple -

What happened to him?

He died in his sleep. No explanation yet.

3/24/20 6:41 PM
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Tommy and I had businesses located next door to each other for about a year or 2.

A more positive, kind, loving, upbeat, concerned, helpful, and great all around person I have never met.

The world is a lesser place with him gone and I know the city of Ocala mourns deeply for their loss.
3/24/20 6:49 PM
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3/24/20 7:07 PM
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Met him multiple times always a nice guy. RIP
3/24/20 8:15 PM
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Damn, he just messged me a coupe of years ago and seemed like he was doing fine. RIP