UnderGround Forums Tony tweets about Dana (pic)

3/15/19 1:56 AM
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3/15/19 1:57 AM
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Lots of love and support on his page. 

Truly hope everything is OK in that guy’s life. 

3/15/19 1:58 AM
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What a cunty thing for Dana to say though 

3/15/19 2:00 AM
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3/15/19 2:03 AM
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I used to think that Tony was putting on an act.

The revelations about his domestic situation have made me reconsider everything he says and does through the lens of mental illness.

3/15/19 2:06 AM
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3/15/19 2:38 AM
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3/15/19 2:45 AM
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Ive always said it...
We are fkn privileged to be in the "El Cucuy" era
3/15/19 3:54 AM
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He should lay off the social media for a little bit 

3/15/19 4:08 AM
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so should most of the world for a bit....

mobile phones and internet is a deadly combo.
Letting loose this beast to society is akin to giving a pyromaniac Neanderthal a lighter.

I hope he gets a title fight asap.

3/15/19 4:21 AM
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now people know why Conor responded with this a couple weeks ago 

3/15/19 6:36 AM
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Hope Tony gets better, respect to Conor, both true martial artists beside all the promotional bs

3/15/19 6:59 AM
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3/15/19 5:32 PM
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Tony is a bad ass, hope he gets it together... I know he will.

3/15/19 5:44 PM
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Tony is a definite mental case. This dude needs therapy, meds and isolation. Might even want to zap his frontal cortex with a few watts.
3/15/19 5:47 PM
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Turd Ferguson.

3/15/19 5:59 PM
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He sounds schizophrenic.

3/15/19 7:39 PM
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DevilsAdvocate - 

He sounds schizophrenic.

Yeah. If you think men are living inside your walls and you have a microchip implanted in your leg you have completely left the realm of reality and need serious help.
3/15/19 8:27 PM
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How about the looser that has to post mcgregor pics and gifs in literally every thread he visits. Get a fucking life

3/15/19 9:42 PM
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Very cool dude, an absolutely awesome fighter. I am a huge fan!

I hope things go well for him and he gets back on track soon.

Love you Tony, All the best!

3/15/19 9:48 PM
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I have never been a fan but l do hope his is strong enough to seek the help he obviously needs.

3/15/19 10:13 PM
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He seems fine to me. Hes always been lil weird.

3/15/19 10:49 PM
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or meth

3/15/19 11:41 PM
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Skitzoaffective. Basically schizophrenia with a mood disorder. I was commenting on another thread that I truly believe this to be the diagnosis. I worked in a psych hospital for a long tome and have seen this all too frequently. The sad thing is he needs medication and the medication for something like this would make training all the more difficult. These things don’t just go away, they typically get worse over time

3/15/19 11:46 PM
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Hallucinations, delusions and periods of mania/depression. It’s a very serious deal. Based on what I’m reading concussions can bring on or exacerbate the illness