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3/26/20 7:56 AM
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Mayhem vs GSP for sure

3/26/20 8:22 AM
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Cock Chestner who started training MMA at 30 got Frank Murr in his UFC debut. 

3/26/20 8:28 AM
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Lando Venata vs Tony Ferguson? 

3/26/20 8:36 AM
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ThunderlipsTapped -

Anderson Silva's UFC debut was tough.....





...for Chris Leben 

Ha, I was thinking the same thing. 

3/26/20 8:41 AM
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ABCTT_sakurabas ear -

Patrick Cote made his debut against Tito on 4 days notice, thats ain’t an easy debut, especially at that time. 

This is my pick. He only had five fights and not only was it 4 days notice he was moving up a weight as well! 

3/26/20 8:41 AM
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Darell Horcher vs Khabib

3/26/20 8:53 AM
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Bobby Lupo -

Cock Chestner who started training MMA at 30 got Frank Murr in his UFC debut. 

I wonder if he had himself a Curr's Light and got on top of his wife after that fight too.

3/26/20 9:00 AM
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Turbo54 -

Darell Horcher vs Khabib


3/26/20 9:04 AM
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Bam bam bigalo vs kimo

i think the majority of them have been mentioned already though

3/26/20 9:11 AM
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Going with CM Punk.. lol Mickey Gall was leaps and bounds better.  James Tony also comes to mind with Randy in Boston. 

3/26/20 9:13 AM
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Priscilla Cachoeira

3/26/20 9:13 AM
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BJ Penn Forever - 
Bobby Lupo -

Cock Chestner who started training MMA at 30 got Frank Murr in his UFC debut. 

I wonder if he had himself a Curr's Light and got on top of his wife after that fight too.

He already got screwed once that night by Steve Mazzagatti 

3/26/20 10:17 AM
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Turbo54 -

Darell Horcher vs Khabib

This was on 10 days notice and khabib was ranked #1

3/26/20 10:20 AM
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KhabibWinsTheRematch -
Turbo54 -

Darell Horcher vs Khabib


Yea especially as Horcher was coming off a injury, hadn’t been training regularly yet, and took the fight essentially off the couch. I was there for every single one of his training sessions in the short time we had to get him ready. Can’t knock his grit, then the accident and coming back. Wild story and a good dude. 

3/26/20 11:17 AM
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Priscilla’s debut against Shevchenko. Worst shelacking in women’s mma history other than Cyborg vs Finney.

3/26/20 1:38 PM
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None So Blind - Moti Horenstein.

First fight was against Mark Coleman - granted, Colemans's first fight as well. But a straight karate dude against a ridiculously powerful and skilled wrestler? There was one outcome possible and one only.

Then the poor bastard was matched up with Mark Kerr back when he was steam-rolling everyone in front of him. :-O

My first thought as well. Without question the toughest debut and 2 fight career in the UFC
3/26/20 1:45 PM
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GSP debut fight I believe was against Karo Parisyan. At the the time, that was a tough debut!!

Edited: 3/26/20 1:47 PM
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Already mentioned, but came here to say Lando Vanatta.
3/26/20 4:18 PM
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Jeff Joslin got Josh Koschek in his debut. Horrible stylistic matchup and a guy that was generally tough to look good against. Jeff did great but that was an awfully tough debut.

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Patrick Cote who had most of his fights at welter and middle weight, made his UFC debut against Tito at 205.

edit to add: Just noticed somebody beat me to this one.

3/26/20 7:15 PM
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Darrel Horcher fighting Khabib comes to mind. But yeah Joe Soto vs. TJ seems like the obvious winner. 

3/27/20 1:32 PM
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Steve Lopez debuts vs Dan Miller

3/27/20 3:28 PM
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Kirik - 

A local fighter I am really fond of got into the big show and told me he was going against some guy named Johnny Hendricks. I didn't really know who Hendricks was, and asked around. Buddy of mine who went to Juco nationals said "Uh, that guy is really good."

Ricardo Funch?

3/27/20 9:54 PM
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Brock and it’s hardly debatable 

3/27/20 11:20 PM
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Let's not forget that Vitor Belforts debut in the ufc was to be against prime Mark Coleman in the ultimate Ultimate 1996! That is right, Vitor was going to make his debut against Coleman in the most stacked tournament ever.. Obviously both Belfort and Coleman got injured in training and had to bow out of the tournament and were replaced with Varelans and Kimo lol..

This was ultra aggressive and fast Vitor too but I did not see him beating prime Coleman haha