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5/24/19 4:53 PM
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UFC just released this on youtube. Enjoy!




5/24/19 6:23 PM
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In thanks

5/24/19 7:05 PM
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Ok for watching tomorrow- thanks 

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Has UFC 9 been released for free?

5/24/19 7:28 PM
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I’m watching this immediately. Coleman vs. Severn. 

5/24/19 7:51 PM
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Rogan looking 12 years old with a hint of stage jitters. 

5/24/19 7:56 PM
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Joe Rogan with hair: hard to believe he's become one of the world's highest paid interviewers/podcasters from looking at him here.

1:55 Vitor juiced to the gills. That Vitor is a problem, even for people at his weight today.

Someone thought it was a good idea to put Tank on the mic in the broadcast booth and he tries to kiss his co-announcer at the end.

Severn v. Coleman at the end.
5/24/19 7:57 PM
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UFC has been releasing a lot of stuff on youtube over the past few days on the early UFC. Lions Den documentary, one of the UFC belts and another. Also put up a fight between Tito and Guy Mezger.
5/24/19 8:15 PM
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Also, Wallid with his shorts pulled up into his asshole. 

5/24/19 8:23 PM
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The first guy who fought Ferozzo had guts.
5/24/19 8:24 PM
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And tournament results announced on Office Depot white boards 

5/24/19 8:25 PM
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They should do another card in Dothan for the hell of it.
5/24/19 8:28 PM
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Pokanghoya - The first guy who fought Ferozzo had guts.

He said he saw a hypnotherapist ten times so he could visualize winning  

5/25/19 1:51 AM
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Pokanghoya - They should do another card in Dothan for the hell of it.

Hah, they should. I was up there a couple of weeks ago, it's close enough drive for me, do ittttttt!