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7/7/13 11:31 AM
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Stuboski - 
AFC1281 - The best fighter didn't win tonight; the smarter fighter did. Kept saying while I was watching "Put your hands up Silva or he's eventually gonna connect." Sure enough, that was what happened. What an fight it was and it goes to show that the unbeatable ARE beatable - you just have to find the right person.

And for fuck's sake, stop with the conspiracy gay shit. He didn't throw the fight away, that's not Silva's style.

You Anderson nuthuggers are funny. Anderson is as showboat that is how he fights. This is not the first time he has done this. He tries to bait his opponent into over committing by dropping his hands and then counters. There is a reason he is known as the Matrix. He tried this and got caught and woke up a minute later as the loser. The better man won..........Anderson isn't used to losing so he just started rambling after the fight.

this and shout out to PITBULL...we told you non knowing delusional huggers.welcome to the real world!
7/7/13 11:34 AM
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niveky144 -
Burl - legends don't get ktfo they get "clipped"

didn't that happen to Liddell too? Also Kimbo...although he was an urban legend.
Liddell got "caught". Phone Post

well...am i right in assuming you are referring to the Rampage fight? I don't really count that as the fall since he had already been beaten by Rampage in pride, who was at about his highest level when he took out Chuck. I'm talking about his fights after that. I mean he went the distance with Wandy, but if I'm not mistaken he was more clipped by Rashad and was it Rua? I don't remember, he got knocked out a lot it seemed like....I'm pretty sure that Franklin didn't get him with a full on shot and if I'm not mistaken it was with the arm that Liddell had broken....or I could be completely misremembering everything lol

rich clipped him...the others just caught him flush and fucked his world up
7/7/13 12:09 PM
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i def feel let down by last nights main event.. the first round was great, Weidman getting the takedown and trying to work something but after foolishly going for the footlock, Anderson got up and Weidman looked gassed..Silva started clowning and Weidman looked silly trying to connect with his slow punches...2nd round started and i thought Silva could have destroyed Chris if his mind was straight but no, he wanted to clown more..Weidman couldnt get the takedown so more clowning and Weidman got in a shot that KOed the champ..lame fight..

props to Weidman but for those that think that he would beat a 100% focused Anderson Silva, you are out of your mind..Weidman doesnt have much at all for Anderson..sure he might land a takedown but he cant do much with it, no one can..
7/7/13 12:13 PM
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SQUEEZIE - did lay n pray kill him-self yet?
Naw, LNP is taking it like a man, no excuses or nothing. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 12:14 PM
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Wow, was Herb Dean way out of position or what?
7/7/13 12:54 PM
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Even the greatest of warriors

sometimes can't outrun the buffalo.
7/7/13 2:33 PM
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Did anyone else notice Usher looked like he wanted to cry as he was walking back stage with Anderson. 

7/8/13 5:16 AM
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Zed Wayne Zed - Weidman made a fan. I think he's going to a solid champ.

Anderson is still my favourite fighter, ride or die.
All day everyday. Phone Post 3.0