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12/8/18 7:38 PM
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blue mark to the right of the winner.
12/8/18 7:40 PM
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Tug Dabone - 

Just Bleed Report 

Fights that shouldn't go the distance:

  • Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Gilbert Burns shouldn't go to the judges. 80% finish rate vs. 92% finish rate.
  • Jimi Manuwa vs. Thiago "Marreta" Santos: 94% finishes vs. 73%.
  • Gunnar Nelson vs. Alex Oliveira: 94% vs. 84%.

Almost all other fights on the card feature at least one fighter with a fairly low finish rate (usually between 50% and 70%, but sometimes much lower .... Theodorou 46%, Joanna Ex-Champ 34%, etc.).  High finish rates don't guarantee finishes of course, but this card could produce lots of decisions. The upside: Not as many minutes between bouts, if they're hoping to keep the card under 7 hours overall.... sorry, looking for the silver lining here....

If it's a good fight that goes to a decision, I get more fighting for my money. Many fights, if not most, that end early go to a finish simply because of poor defense.
12/8/18 7:41 PM
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I actually think Katona looked better at 145, where he had the speed advantage, abd was jist as strong.

12/8/18 7:43 PM
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Lopez gets the 1st. Katona needs better defense.

12/8/18 7:44 PM
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1-0 Lopez. I'm really surprised Katona wasn't able to stuff that takedown, it looked really telegraphed.

12/8/18 7:49 PM
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Edited: 12/8/18 7:50 PM
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Ooo, I think Lopez is hurt to the body, but he's playing it off well.


12/8/18 7:51 PM
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trevor used the F word there


12/8/18 7:53 PM
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They keep mentioning Lopez's conditioning, but I think they're overlooking 2 really big body shots, that immediately preceded Lopez's slowing down.

12/8/18 7:56 PM
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That should be a finish for Katona.

12/8/18 7:57 PM
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2-1 Katona, and he put a stamp on it by choking Lopez out cold at the end of the round.

12/8/18 7:57 PM
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should be sub win 

12/8/18 7:57 PM
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Great performance by Katona. 29-27 Katona.

12/8/18 7:57 PM
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This ref is just full of fail.

12/8/18 7:58 PM
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if merab lost his fight, then this is a win for katona
12/8/18 7:58 PM
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His arm went limp before the bell.

12/8/18 7:58 PM
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He 100% went out.

12/8/18 7:59 PM
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30-27, hmm, not sure I agree, but it's academic because Kotana won twice.

12/8/18 7:59 PM
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branchdavidian - if merab lost his fight, then this is a win for katona

For sure.

12/8/18 8:00 PM
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Not that difficult of a call, and he didn't have a split second to make the decision, he went and discussed it with the other officals, then made his decision.

12/8/18 8:04 PM
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Pretty good prelims coming up, imo.
12/8/18 8:06 PM
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Anders as a slight dog here makes no sense to me. Wish I was in Vegas right now

12/8/18 8:07 PM
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God I hope Anders scores a Hendo-Bisping like KO. Elias is quite possibly my least favorite fighter. Just a horrible, horrible style.

12/8/18 8:07 PM
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Ortega vs Holloway It's such a great fight. They aren't the stars that Liddell couture silva etc. were yet but man they are at that level skill wise. I hope these guys have long careers and this fight is amazing. 

12/8/18 8:08 PM
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kennyfrommd -

I had two Jiu Jitsu matches against Olivier Auburn Mercier and trained a bunch with Durango. Both tough as nails. Interested to see how it goes.

Is Durango good on ground?


Mercer has legit kick boxing if I remember Cofrectly.