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11/8/18 11:26 AM
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You must now take all the 125lbers that have been let go, Chatri. You talk all of this Martial Art and respect talk, yet your greed has directly cost more than half a fighting division it’s chance to earn income for their family. Have respect . Sign the division.

11/8/18 11:42 AM
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Wtf??  It's Chatri's fault the UFC dropped a division? Is it his fault that The weight class doesn't draw money in the U.S.?  And how was he greedy? Someone came to him with a scenario that allowed him to release a retired fighter and to sign a really good active one. Conor sounds retarded 

11/8/18 11:45 AM
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Must be some neurotoxins in that proper 12 whiskey cuz Conor went full retard 

11/8/18 11:48 AM
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Why does Conor care, does one of his boys fight 125 in the ufc? Nobody cares.

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He probably will sign them all.  $500/$500 and all the ramen they want.

It is stupid to blame One on the fall of the division though.

11/8/18 11:52 AM
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ha he isn't directly responsible for the implications here. dana was jumping up and down taking credit for the deal, he can take credit for the fighters getting screwed

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11/8/18 1:04 PM
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That whiskey and weed combo Conor's been on since the fight is softening up his brain a touch.

11/8/18 1:07 PM
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Conor McGregor's Wax Figure Is Now on Display in NYC, and It's Pretty Damn Accurate



This tower of lifeless muscle is brought to you by Madame Tussauds, the wax museum in New York City's Times Square that people pay money to visit, for some reason. (Wax figures freak me out, okay?! It's the cold, dead eyes!) On Thursday, McGregor became the latest celebrity to have their waxy likeness appear in the museum's hallowed halls.

The figure will reside in Madame Tussaud's Sports Zone Experience, where "guests will have the opportunity to take part in the ultimate weigh-in and step onto a customized scale, which will showcase how they measure up in the world of MMA weight class," according to a press release.



11/8/18 1:16 PM
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At the root, the main culprit responsible for the drop of the 125 division is the fans that clearly aren't interested in that divison. You could arguably say its also partly the fault of the 125 guys who simply didn't manage to market themselves. 145 divison used to not be that popular before McGregor made it great again.

I really wouldn't blame the UFC for this. They did try to get the fans to like the 125 division... but the fans weren't interested.

And blaming ONE is just retarded.
11/8/18 1:16 PM
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So the UFC cuts DJ in an attempt to sign Ben Askren, then shuts down the 125 division, and it is somehow ONE fault. 



11/8/18 1:31 PM
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Jump Kick -

Why does Conor care, does one of his boys fight 125 in the ufc? Nobody cares.

Trying to stay relevant without having to actualy fight and potentially getting strangled again.

11/8/18 1:42 PM
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If they do it would mean UFC traded an entire division for Ben Askren.

I think there is more to the trade. The UFC has failed to make an impact in Asia. I think a ONE/UFC copromted card could happen.

11/8/18 2:14 PM
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That wax statue is amazing but certain pics (at least when viewed on my phone) look like Gray Maynard.

11/8/18 2:19 PM
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Conor is a little stupid.

11/8/18 2:31 PM
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Is Conor the guy to spearhead an MMA fighters union perhaps? Obviously would deny entry to Rose and Mike.

11/8/18 2:44 PM
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“....speaking of causing fighters to lose a payday” said the lawyer

11/8/18 3:23 PM
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"UFC Boss" lolololo... you so funny....
11/8/18 3:56 PM
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11/8/18 3:58 PM
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some company will try to be the 2019 Tachi Palace Fights and corner the 125 division.
11/8/18 4:43 PM
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Rahjai MD -

Must be some neurotoxins in that proper 12 whiskey cuz Conor went full retard 


What a dumb fucking post.

125 was a shit division anyways.

11/8/18 5:27 PM
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I’m sure CM knows more then the average Joe.

11/8/18 5:33 PM
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Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers.

11/9/18 5:20 PM
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11/9/18 11:40 PM
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rushinbear - "UFC Boss" lolololo... you so funny....

I lol'd!