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4/14/19 11:12 PM
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I remember an early UFC, like maybe around 11 or 12, where one fighter's cup somehow slipped down and was hanging out of his shorts when he was fighting. I had told my friends how awesome the UFC was, and we were watching it live at my place, and I remember being really embarrassed at how ridiculous it looked when his cup was dangling around. But now I can't remember what fight that was. Does anyone else remember this? Which fight was that?
4/14/19 11:13 PM
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4/14/19 11:25 PM
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Was his "cup" shaped like a mushroom? 

4/14/19 11:30 PM
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What the fuck?!? Did I dream this? Jesus, I hope not... that's not a good sign...
4/14/19 11:59 PM
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Dennis Hallman
4/15/19 12:01 AM
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Yes I also dreamed this. Can't remember which fighter

4/15/19 12:15 AM
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Mushroom Slap - Dennis Hallman

This. Didn't he lose a bet during camp or something and had to wear the banana hammock? Dana was pissed lol.

4/15/19 12:34 AM
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4/15/19 12:57 AM
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UFC 12 - Wallid Ismail vs Yoshiki Takahashi
4/15/19 10:42 AM
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jhedges - UFC 12 - Wallid Ismail vs Yoshiki Takahashi

That's it! Thank you! That's bothered me for a long time. I can't wait to rewatch that shitshow.
4/15/19 11:30 AM
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u need to see gary goodrige vs the pedro...

4/15/19 12:32 PM
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Joe Son wearing the thong in a fight was pretty bad too.I know it has nothing to do with the topic but it happened.

4/16/19 2:51 PM
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Tim Kennedy's cup was lose and bouncing around in his strikeforce fight against Luke rockhold

4/16/19 9:36 PM
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Mezger had a guy pretty much hang on the front of his speedo in one of the early ufc. 13-19 one of those. 

4/16/19 10:21 PM
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I need to see this.

4/17/19 6:26 PM
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4/17/19 6:27 PM
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HighInsideLegKick -
Mushroom Slap - Dennis Hallman

This wasn't an early UFC. But Brian Ebersole got a post fight bonus for "getting hallman out of there quickly" if I remember Dana's words correctly lol

I i remember Ebersole getting a extra bonus or something for getting Hallman out of there quick .