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4/20/19 2:16 PM
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Rashads forehead is distracting

4/20/19 2:20 PM
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Rahjai MD -

I know Roxanne is well liked here and I also like her as a person but she makes women’s mma feel so boring and tedious.

i really hate her fighting style and it ruins women’s mma for me .


I find her style awesome. She pressures these bitches. Seems like she found her inner Khabib.

4/20/19 2:23 PM
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multiculturaljoseph - 

Rashads forehead is distracting

he is not the Rashad I knew

cracks me up every time now

4/20/19 2:27 PM
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Whoa this dude is the first all natty Brazilian UFC heavyweight

4/20/19 2:28 PM
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The Russian Hammer

4/20/19 2:29 PM
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Great KO! What a card so far!
4/20/19 2:29 PM
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4/20/19 2:29 PM
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multiculturaljoseph -

Whoa this dude is the first all natty Brazilian UFC heavyweight

Who wants to watch Natty fighters anyway 

Edited: 4/20/19 2:30 PM
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angryinch -
the_decimator - 

Boo Hoo.. "Fuck ESPN+"


STFU Bums. If you cant afford ESPN+, get another job. It's not going to change, especially not because of any of you. Spare us your incessant whining. Every week there's a card, you remind everyone how much of a broke, whiny, little bitch you are. 


Fuck ESPN+, no thanks. ESPN was always the endgame for every old school UFC fan in the US. We wanted to the sport to grow to the point that it "made" it. Now it's here and you new fans bitch. Got it, streaming the fights on damn near every device capable of streaming in existence for the price of a premium coffee is too difficult for you. How about a "Fuck you!"



ESPN+ is hardly "made it." Put it on ESPN or at least on ESPN2 which most people have access to. Not on espn+ which most people don't even know exists.

ESPN+ is the redheaded step child of sports programming. It's not even on cable or satellite.

Except it is available to everyone with internet, and you are a total dumbass/liar if you dont believe everyone is even AWARE of it. There has been plenty of advertising of ESPN+. Frankly, more than enough. 


ESPN is made it. Sorry its not the deal you wanted but its nowhere near the most popular sport in the US. Which is ESPN's market. I know this might require a lot of thought and involve effort from thinking. But relax, I've done that for you. You just need to read and retain enough brain power to remember this when the next ESPN+ event thread comes out and you have the inclination to start whining again.


It's funny, TJGTT_Halichap called me a cunt for pointing out how all of you whiners are beta bitches.


LMAO ^^^ This guy. 



I dont think the Roxy fight was that close....

4/20/19 2:33 PM
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Couldn't care less. Reem is the only name on the whole card I can recollect having heard of... 

4/20/19 2:35 PM
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Battle of the Boy cuts in Rio

4/20/19 2:38 PM
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Wtf that fight is Main Event on a paper view... mind blown 

4/20/19 2:46 PM
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battouter -
Letibleu -
battouter -

oh damn, they fed roxy to antonina... rip.

Little birdy told me the Happy Warrior put on muscle and has returned to her judo base for this one, dont count her out.

just feels like she's getting steamrolled

Never ignore the birdy

4/20/19 2:50 PM
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4/20/19 3:06 PM
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29-28 Makhachev.
4/20/19 3:07 PM
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Now that’s some high level grappling .

islam got this 

4/20/19 3:10 PM
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streaming, cause the local channel has it tape delayed with 4 hours

4/20/19 3:12 PM
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Oh boy... Reem by brutal highlight reel KO here. 

4/20/19 3:19 PM
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Reem looks like he’s walking thru a hospital. 

4/20/19 3:19 PM
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Overeem coming in to Hanz Zimmerman LOL

4/20/19 3:20 PM
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Is the fix in?? Why does Reem look terrified lol 

4/20/19 3:22 PM
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They should still use his Ubereem pic for the tale of the tape just for some lulz 

4/20/19 3:29 PM
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“Is he playing opossum?”


Jesus. No, man. He got crushed. 

4/20/19 3:29 PM
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Brutal knees wow 

4/20/19 3:30 PM
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it seemed like overeem didnt want to throw any punches at all