UnderGround Forums UKTT, CHECK IN !

9/9/10 5:57 PM
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Rammit Upper how could I forget you, sorry brother!
9/9/10 6:03 PM
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NoGi bear - Rammit Upper how could I forget you, sorry brother!

 no problem mate..;)

9/9/10 6:04 PM
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If the Count checks in I'll arm bar my mam with excitement Phone Post
9/9/10 6:06 PM
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No mate no after party yet, saving fr hotel n travel lol, my sister gets back from turkey at 4:00am so as soon as I get her laptop I shall be amongst it! WAR UKTT Phone Post
9/9/10 6:06 PM
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Additionally, Bobby Lupo has been a superstar signing and personally I rate him as one of the biggest names on the UG and so to sign him up was truly a momentus occassion for UKTT, and we of course look forward to the next Baroni and Sakara fights! I hope Sakara gets his hands on Marquardt as should have been after both their next fights.

9/9/10 6:08 PM
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Bisping sucks... Someone post pic of Hendo fight! Phone Post
9/9/10 6:08 PM
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JD checking in....! Phone Post
9/9/10 6:11 PM
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Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen: Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us: God save the Queen. O Lord, our God, arise, Scatter her enemies, And make them fall. Confound their politics, Frustrate their knavish tricks, On Thee our hopes we fix, God save us all. Thy choicest gifts in store, On her be pleased to pour; Long may she reign: May she defend our laws, And ever give us cause To sing with heart and voice God save the Queen Phone Post
9/9/10 6:13 PM
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jim dwyer -  JD checking in....! Phone Post
Welcome to the team, and share in our power. VTFU.
9/9/10 6:16 PM
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8 hours graft, 90 mins NoGi and a hours Boxing, time for NoGi bear to retreat to his cave, sleep well gentlemen, I'll be back in the AM.
9/9/10 6:19 PM
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NoGi bear - 8 hours graft, 90 mins NoGi and a hours Boxing, time for NoGi bear to retreat to his cave, sleep well gentlemen, I'll be back in the AM.
Pretty hardcore mate, shows why you're such a solid UKTT member. Good job!
9/9/10 6:21 PM
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And thank-you kindly for the vtfu! Phone Post
9/9/10 6:23 PM
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 Would seem to me you guys have actually hurt Bispings rep here. Rather than help it.
9/9/10 6:26 PM
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Checking in *goes back to doing bicep curls while watching JCVD on channel 5* Phone Post
9/9/10 10:06 PM
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 Jkennedy is a green namer. Either give him the same respect we require be given to Bisping or take a banning. Thanks buddy.
9/10/10 2:23 AM
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Morning you handsome bastards, I wonder who's checking the fuck in today (CTFI) as it shall now be known :0D Phone Post
9/10/10 2:47 AM
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Good morning gentlemen.

9/10/10 2:55 AM
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Mc6pack - 

Good morning gentlemen.

A significant contributer to the original Bisping Bandwagon, morning!
9/10/10 3:24 AM
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My god the potential of this thread Phone Post
9/10/10 3:26 AM
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 he doesn't kiss his glove.. that's just an angle thing

9/10/10 3:30 AM
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Cor blimey guv'nor, strike a light, etc etc

Checking in
9/10/10 3:32 AM
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Good morning lads! tartanterrorUK checking in!! Phone Post
9/10/10 3:32 AM
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Checking in from work, good morning chaps Phone Post
9/10/10 3:37 AM
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Hopefully this is just a little taster to everyone else of the numbers and power that lurks beneath the surface of UKTT.

9/10/10 3:55 AM
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Or is this a subtle way of outing us Brits for some good old bashing...?