UnderGround Forums UKTT, CHECK IN !

9/10/10 5:12 AM
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If anyone tries to bash on this thread they shall be torn a new one in the name of Queen Lizzy Phone Post
9/10/10 5:26 AM
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Dual-citizen AusBrit Londonite here with no Team affiliate but a good respect for UKTT fanaticism....

keep it up boys!
9/10/10 5:45 AM
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UKTT Highland Regiment CTFI!!!
9/10/10 7:23 AM
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I've twittered him and told him to check in, I've had a few off Pearson the last two weeks, next time he tweets I'll get him to check too! Tally Hoo Gentlemen! Phone Post
9/10/10 7:27 AM
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 Archer checking in!!!!!!

9/10/10 7:28 AM
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 Thats worth another look!

9/10/10 7:29 AM
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 It really never does get old!!

9/10/10 7:29 AM
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 I mean.....can you imagine what that must've felt like?

9/10/10 7:30 AM
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Now then lads, checking in.
9/10/10 7:30 AM
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 I'm sure it felt GREAT for Hendo!!

9/10/10 7:30 AM
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 Not so much for Bisping!!

9/10/10 7:31 AM
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 Ok, I'll stop now.

9/10/10 7:31 AM
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 Well, there's always room for one more!

9/10/10 7:32 AM
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 And in conclussion I'd just like to say......................................................

9/10/10 8:46 AM
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Bobby Lupo -  Mods, this geezer is spamming with ancient GIFs, please do the right thing and red card his arse off of the UG.

Fixed it for you old chap.

9/10/10 9:05 AM
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Can I join? Lol I don't trane ufc tho? Phone Post
9/10/10 9:07 AM
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9/10/10 9:10 AM
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Of course bro. I'm in the not so pleasant town if Oldham near manchester and of course it's raining today as usual Phone Post
9/10/10 9:42 AM
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You bisping nut clingers haven't been running shit. You've got one guy that's a decent mid card and you're all over him about being champ. Understand BISPING WILL NEVER WEAR UFC GOLD. As far as Hendo being old... His old ass took your butt buddy to dreamland. Now go play in the rain. Phone Post
9/10/10 10:49 AM
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9/10/10 10:53 AM
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Bisping Hardy Hathaway And last but certainly not least Pearson, these are just a few you divvys may have heard of. GSP is a actual robot alien MMA machine sent back through time from the future and even he couldn't finish one of our boys off and he had 25 mins, this is only the start, MMA it's moving BIG TIME in the UK, it won't be long before we have at least 2 out of the 5 champs, you heard It here first cuntylocks! Phone Post
9/10/10 11:16 AM
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^^ Who are you?? Seriously. 500 posts in less than a month = an obvious troll. Do you think your fooling anyone?/
9/10/10 11:17 AM
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 Oh.......and uh,

9/10/10 11:23 AM
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GodSaveTheQueen - 
Hate420 - ^^ Who are you?? Seriously. 500 posts in less than a month = an obvious troll. Do you think your fooling anyone?/

^This guy is just bitter because he's an American and not a Brit.

Point proven.....lol,the UK trolls haven't gotten any smarter that's for sure.
9/10/10 11:33 AM
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I agree with GSTQ!! It's time to put the foot down on these haters! Phone Post