UnderGround Forums Velasquez on a mission to end Jon Jones' run.

1/12/19 5:26 AM
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The Immortal One -

Jones is the GOAT 

No, for so many reasons.


But Jones would absolutely wreck Cain. At either weight.


It's just true. I would really enjoy it not being true, but no.



Jones beats Jones. 

Only time can overcome his natural ability and absolute hubris (which goes a long fucking way).

In truth, suspensions only prolong his career as he sits out daily concussive light sparring and joint destructive light rolling. All the while closing in on that magic zone of mid thirty.


Jones could crawl out from under a pile of broken crack pipes and even more broken dead hookers and be the favorite in any fight at any weight, at any age.


He is that good at hurting other men.




FRAT- If serious, Cain is delusional. Jones is a giant piece of shit as a human being but the most dangerous active professional fighter our short lived sport has ever seen.

1/14/19 1:25 AM
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Chuck Nam - 
SinCityHustler - Jones isn't going to HW and he certainly isn't fighting Cain. He didn't want Stipe who DC destroyed, he isn't going to want DC's Mexican big brother. Jones will be taking on the Anthony Smith's of the MMA world.

Do you really think DC destroyed Stipe? Re-watched the fight and still believe DC got lucky with the finish.

HAHAHAHA "Lucky". He luckily knocked the man unconscious.

Yes, turning a man's lights out is destruction. They pull you away and protect the unconscious fighter because he's defeated in absolute fashion.