UnderGround Forums Vitor wants to box Roy Jones ..?!

6/24/19 9:04 PM
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With mma gloves in One?! Vitor said on Instagram he's pushing for this fight..why?! Victor will get murdered..he has never had good boxing offensive and defensive skills, just fast hands...

Does anyone want to see this and do you think Vitor has a chance??
6/24/19 9:06 PM
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Roy is 50. I can’t believe he’s still at it 

6/24/19 9:18 PM
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Roy is wayyyy way past his prime.  Vitor is too, just not quite as much.  All things considered, I think Vitor has a decent shot because boxing is very different without boxing gloves, as has become very apparent, not to mention the round structure of BKFC.  Small risk, big reward for Vitor.

6/24/19 9:53 PM
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Are we talking deflated Vitor or can he be TRT’ed to the gills?

6/25/19 1:00 AM
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Gomrad -

Are we talking deflated Vitor or can he be TRT’ed to the gills?

Lobov and Malignaggi were randomly tested at least four times before their fight, so I'm sure Vitor/RJJ would be tested too.