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6/4/20 8:47 PM
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MMA legend Wanderlei Silva spoke recently with Diogo Souza for the Brazilian language Tribunapr.br and reported that on Wednesday he was recently struck by a car while bicycling in Curitiba. The driver of the vehicle didn't flee but instead assisted the fighter. He was treated for a broken foot and facial abrasians at the hospital and released.

"If I hadn't been wearing a helmet, I might have died," said Wand. “People have to be more careful in traffic. It's hard to ride a bike in Curitiba.”

“[The driver] was super nice, stopped and put me in his car. Other people have already appeared to help me. ... We have many more cyclists in the city and we don't have a suitable place to ride. Unfortunately, drivers don't respect it. I was very sad about this accident. I ask people to be more aware of traffic and not to use their cell phones, as this can cost someone's life."

This is the second time Silva has been struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle in Curitiba. The first time, in 2016, the driver fled the scene.

6/4/20 8:50 PM
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"If I hadn't been wearing a helmet, I might have died,"

For some reason I imagined Wand riding a bike wearing only fight shorts and flip flops. The image of him wearing a bike helmet gives me a chuckle. Glad he's gonna be ok though.
6/4/20 9:13 PM
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Car is likely totalled


6/4/20 9:17 PM
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Bout was overturned. Car had elevated levels of HGH.

6/4/20 9:29 PM
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I see him riding all the time on his instagram ususally in the morning before the sun comes up. That sucks. He got fucked up

6/4/20 9:48 PM
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That guy must have shit his pants when he saw who he hit. 

6/4/20 9:54 PM
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Was he trying to feed it a carrot? 

I'm glad he's okay. 

6/4/20 9:58 PM
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6/4/20 10:18 PM
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This dude needs to stop riding bikes 

6/4/20 10:44 PM
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Nothing a few Mexican supplements can’t fix

6/5/20 1:31 AM
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There goes his Tyson fight.

6/5/20 2:00 AM
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brody3316 -

Legit LOL

6/5/20 2:08 AM
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Cecil peoples scored it 30-27 Silva 

6/5/20 2:33 AM
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at least he wasn't feeding carrots to a bus this time


6/5/20 5:05 AM
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6/5/20 6:28 AM
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can you imagine hitting that brick with your car! fuuuck that dude must have died inside

6/5/20 8:48 AM
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Holy fuck at the pic.

How fucking fast was he going

6/5/20 9:36 AM
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Thebonfirexm -

Holy fuck at the pic.

How fucking fast was he going

He was chasing Tito.

6/5/20 9:38 AM
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Rambla -

What's with the Randy Couture gay guy scarf? 

6/5/20 9:47 AM
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Is he a member of Schaubs thick boy bike club? 

6/5/20 9:48 AM
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That dude can't catch a head trauma break to save his life. smh!
6/5/20 10:05 AM
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The good news is that they caught the driver


6/5/20 10:27 AM
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JoeHurley -

The good news is that they caught the driver


Haha, damn. Don't worry Rampage, you'll get him the third time.

6/5/20 10:59 AM
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I see another GoFundMe announcement coming soon.

6/5/20 11:17 AM
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Imagine seeing him go full roadrage throwing those trademark hooks of his on the other driver.