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7/18/11 9:43 PM
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Thanks for posting Chip Guy. I agree, the Strikeforce poster would've looked so much better in silver. At least they're doing the signed posters now. I'll have more to post next week. ufcstore.com sent me a 25% off total purchase email this morning and i took advantage buying a bunch of signed posters.
7/18/11 10:19 PM
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 now comes the fun part for you James... you get to decide what poster you have to take down in order to make wall space for the one! I just had to take down my signed by the card UFC 60 today to make room for something new.... kind of sucks that it has to sit in a tube forever now.
7/19/11 7:07 AM
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What took its place chip? Phone Post
7/19/11 7:27 AM
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Got these today...hopefully a nice blue name will post them up for me :)


7/19/11 10:14 AM
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7/19/11 10:15 AM
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 Awesome Scrivs. Scotty is a super cool dude. One day I will venture into the fight worn market.
7/19/11 11:07 AM
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Thanks buddy!

Gonna get these framed soon i think :)

Cool sig personalisation on em too...yeah Scotty is a cool dude! I've not long gotten into fight worn stuff but it's just so cool i couldn't resist haha
7/19/11 4:52 PM
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WEC 48 poster, with my event tickets

Cro Cop Bushido poster

shitty phone camera sorry
7/19/11 5:45 PM
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7/19/11 5:52 PM
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thank you
7/19/11 6:58 PM
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Nice stuff Hunto, that CroCop poster is sick.
7/19/11 8:45 PM
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good stuff James, that 3 looks nice framed.

damn that Crocop is sweet, if u ever wanna trade it...lemme know. haha

and I like those Jorgensen shorts as well...Scotty is a good dude.
7/20/11 7:28 PM
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Can't imagine getting rid of it. haha, it's been my dream poster even before I started collecting posters. 4 bills, but it was worth it.
7/20/11 8:57 PM
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Man thats some nice stuff everyones been getting.
Edited: 7/21/11 10:27 PM
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and i'm down to trade or sell any of the passes that I don't already have the poster of. Feel free to pm me about them guys.

Edited: 7/22/11 4:21 PM
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 Dream posters are gone!!!

there is a couple new good one's in here VVV

 i'm still missing a ', 05' and I need a better 04' but I think it's starting to shape up well! Thanks to the guy's who have hooked me up with some of these recently!!!! 
7/22/11 10:06 AM
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That was an awesome find on all those passes together.Did you but the above stuff all together too?

Yesterday got a Pride 19 mini poster signed by Shamrock and Frye.I didnt realize they made flyers for that fight looks just like the US poster for that event.
7/22/11 4:22 PM
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 No such luck on the posters... i've been slowly getting them from Brett, Shannon, Jeremiah, Koji, Dan and some random guy's on ebay.

Didn't know that about the Pride mini's, I though the US designs on came in a B2 size?
7/23/11 4:51 PM
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need a blue namer please:


7/23/11 4:57 PM
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Not really mma but still cool... I love the logo on the silver sticker!
7/23/11 5:35 PM
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 For Aznbala

7/23/11 5:58 PM
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Love those gloves anzbala!
7/23/11 7:10 PM
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I really like that Wand/Page glove, nice score bala!!!
7/25/11 8:39 PM
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Today got a VIP pass from the Pride GP 2005 looks great with the poster.Thanks Chip!
7/29/11 7:11 PM
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I know everyone is busy fighting over Fedor @ a hotel but i got some mail today. ufcstore.com sent me an email to save 25% off my total order so i bought these posters. Im very happy with the UFC 39, i ordered one a few months ago and it was only signed by Randy Couture and Ricco Rodriquez, this one is signed by the card. Also happy the 103 has Cro Cops signature on it. With the discount i got these 6 for under $400 dlvd. Not bad in my opinion. Im going to 133 in Philly next weekend so i'll pick up a signed by the card poster there as well.