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9/3/11 10:32 PM
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I also have the sf sign credential up for bid on eBay. Phone Post
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Dawggy, I have a few really nice Strikeforce DVD covers but I'm missing the last 6-7 event covers. You willing to make some to sell?
9/4/11 2:58 AM
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iSsUEs - Thx bro, was gonna get the other signed too but imma get bas to sign it in a couple of weeks. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Bas is a great choice. I wish his knees held up as i would of loved to see Bas fight some of the other top fighters of his time.
9/4/11 9:31 AM
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Wish he would of fought shamrock in the UFC. That would of been awesome!!! Phone Post
9/4/11 9:45 AM
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I always wanted the Rickson fight to happen. Phone Post
9/4/11 11:10 AM
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That would have been epic!!! Phone Post
9/4/11 11:39 AM
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bas vs rickson, Bas vs Wand ect... they would of been great, great fights. His last fight with Funaki is one of my favs.
9/4/11 11:47 AM
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iSsUEs - That would have been epic!!! <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

You going to be at Bas' seminar to get it signed? I was thinking of going to his seminar but don't really have anything else for him to sign.
9/4/11 1:43 PM
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Seminar no. I have a sweet lil spot where I get my autos. Bas is always there. Phone Post
9/4/11 6:38 PM
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Oh ok, good shit.
9/7/11 6:05 PM
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Sick looking UFC 131 poster, signed by Shane Carwin, with a cool inscription.
9/8/11 3:38 AM
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the chip guy - 

I tried to buy all five on Dan's website but it would only let me have three..... :(   
I have one of the other two hanging on my wall lol. Severn occasionally has some great stuff like this for dirt cheap prices. He also personalizes anything on request, he's awesome.
9/8/11 5:56 PM
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got Andre Galvao's jiu jitsu pro gi used in the worlds 2008 and abu dhabi pro tournament as well as training.
9/8/11 6:08 PM
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Posted for Hunto,

Love the shane auto hunto! I'll pay to watch Shane fight any day.

9/8/11 7:57 PM
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^very cool! Phone Post
9/14/11 6:43 PM
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 Got another Diaz vs Daley today 

and DIN0 hooked me up with a SWEET 28 weeks later double sided theater used poster :-) He ships like a pro, would deal with anytime!
9/14/11 7:06 PM
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Got a Pride GP 2004 Finals and UFC 107 program today.I work nights so its always nice to wake up to stuff in the mail.
9/14/11 7:21 PM
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Thanks The Chip Guy! Pleasure dealing with you. Anytime.

Btw, if anybody is looking for full size double sided movie posters hit me up. I'll be willing to trade or sell.
9/14/11 10:04 PM
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Not mma but still cool, the rock/face is a Polish movie poster from the boxing film "fists in the dark" and the other is a Frazetta print from the 70's

9/15/11 3:39 PM
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 Glad you had a good experince with D1NO he is a good guy and Im glad he is here doing business with everyone.
9/15/11 3:50 PM
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Posted for ynot78

Had one lucky day with Liddell. 
9/15/11 4:09 PM
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i could use one of those
9/15/11 5:41 PM
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thanks there bro i must say it was a great day he was in a great mood and didnt bat an eye to sign everything wish i had my little ones toys and brought more gloves thanks Chuck!!
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9/15/11 9:17 PM
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