UnderGround Forums What did the Mailman bring you today?

9/15/11 9:20 PM
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^^^^^ Holy Shit those are nice aznbala.
9/15/11 9:57 PM
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very nice aznbala, those are rad
9/15/11 10:08 PM
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 Posted for aznbala...

very nice gloves Bala!

@dennis, Dan does himself a disservice selling stuff so cheap,,,, but that doesn't stop me from buying it for some reason???
9/15/11 10:13 PM
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Wow those Alistair Dream gloves are awesome!
9/16/11 3:52 AM
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the chip guy - 

@dennis, Dan does himself a disservice selling stuff so cheap,,,, but that doesn't stop me from buying it for some reason???
He truly does! He's always selling kick ass stuff for dirt cheap, I wish I could've gotten my hand on the tiles he recently had for sale, I was too late :(

I'd advise any of you guys that aren't regularly checking www.dansevern.com to do so, he is always putting up great signed mem for insanely cheap prices.
9/16/11 10:27 AM
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What titles did he have up?
9/16/11 1:16 PM
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*chases PT around mma.tv*
log off and back on lol
Edited: 9/16/11 9:52 PM
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I like the "snipers" poster, lots of meaning behind it + anything that shows skinny's getting smoked is just f'n cool!

I've been collecting movie posters since I was 13! but most of them are worthless because they are video store poster (had a blockbuster hook up) I moved onto collecting video games when I was 20 and started with mma when I turned 25, now i'm just buying stuff if the art appeals to me.

Zuffa era UFC posters are almost always ugly as hell, Strikeforce posters have been getting uglier with every event since the Zuffa purchase and Dream could fold at anytime?? so if that happens, I don't see myself buying anymore "new" mma posters and it's good to have something that you can fall back on and collect. 
9/16/11 10:13 PM
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that is a cool poster.
9/17/11 1:53 AM
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PTSandman - What titles did he have up?

They were tiles lol, like little art tiles with his face on them that he signed, the pics are down from the site as they sold out, he only had 3, but they were really neat.
9/17/11 12:10 PM
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Azn makes few post in this thread, but when he does I become very jealous. Must have a sick collection. Phone Post
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Pics were way too big. 

Black Everlast boxing glove signed by Fedor 


Signed by the card poster from last weeks SF.  

Nice stuff Dawg
9/17/11 2:10 PM
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posted for dawggy,

Edited: 9/17/11 3:12 PM
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whatd you end up paying for your SF poster? Need to know a going rate for mine. Is yours w/hologram? all of mine have multi colored sharpie sigs (they all look blue in the pic)

sweet fedor glove
Edited: 9/18/11 2:19 AM
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honestly, i had my own signed like the one you got, with cris cyborg and cung le. ill probably keep that one for myself and sell or trade the others.
9/18/11 10:26 PM
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Saturday I got two nice signed photos of Dan Henderson.
9/18/11 11:05 PM
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Just got a WEC 48 signed by the entire card. I love that event.
9/18/11 11:50 PM
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I attended it. Fuckin awesome card.
9/19/11 2:12 AM
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just got a fedor vs hendo signed poster
shout out to D1NO great guy to do trades with everything went smooth as can be
9/22/11 3:49 PM
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 Is this all that you've got?
9/22/11 4:15 PM
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Lloyd gave me my bluename - 
the chip guy -  Is this all that you've got?
No but I don't see the need to prove to you any longer that I have some MMA memorabilia and I'm not trolling on here.

Well then don't, cuz you are here by banned from ever buying anything from me, you faggot noob! 
9/22/11 4:30 PM
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 Good luck with your collecting faggot!
9/22/11 4:33 PM
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That shit is hilarious...VTFU Phone Post
9/22/11 4:36 PM
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Wow!!! Phone Post
9/22/11 4:45 PM
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I love the fire chip! Good shit! Phone Post