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10/10/11 10:15 AM
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 Poster looks great.... I do have the Fedor Silva one in full size if you ever truly want to complete that corner.
Edited: 10/10/11 4:02 PM
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 I added another framer work....

10/10/11 6:59 PM
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 not the mailman but my brother inlaw dropped this off yesterday and it only cost me 2 cases of beer!

it's making it a lot easier to take nice pic's with a shitty camera!

You can almost read the lettering on the bottom. I'm hoping that when I invest in an Cannon EOS rebel 2 the blurry letters will be no more.
10/10/11 7:35 PM
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Dawggy -  U sure that's not a kult kloemel special? :) Phone Post

 i'm still on the fence about that one because it's exact B2 size and all of Kults where off on size. Are there two different guys bootleging them?... maybe. I'll prob have fp check it out next time we do a deal.
10/10/11 11:05 PM
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Is it glossy photo paper? If so, it's a fake.

It should be dull, thicker stock paper not like any of your other posters.
10/11/11 8:12 PM
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got a bunch of bruce lee rd 5 figures today, as well as one arianny figure.
10/12/11 10:12 AM
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10/12/11 10:19 AM
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For scrivs

10/12/11 10:22 AM
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I called them after I got my order trying to get more 2 weeks ago. No more. Should have asked for more lol
10/12/11 10:35 AM
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Damn glove hogs lol!!! Phone Post
10/12/11 12:12 PM
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Shit, I should of pounced on it lol, but I see some pairs on eBay going for less than what I sold them for.
10/12/11 4:19 PM
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For Dawg
10/12/11 5:02 PM
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Just bought this, pretty cool item from the fight of the year
10/12/11 5:27 PM
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you rat bastard, haha. i was watching the shit outta that. i gotta know what you paid for it for him to end the auction.
10/12/11 5:33 PM
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got this the other day too...

sadly the mailman did some damage to it........ and it has Gary's finger print above the T in tournament.

Would trade it for the right Vip pass or passes or the right card signed UFC or Strikeforce  poster. 
10/12/11 5:34 PM
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I had gotten sniped on shit I wanted the last two days so I just said screw it and offered him $50 for it.
10/12/11 6:12 PM
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10/12/11 6:37 PM
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All good :)
10/12/11 6:51 PM
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Those look really good framed. I haven't even framed my SF posters yet.
10/12/11 9:14 PM
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damn, fidy bucks... if you get rid of it, lemme know. i'd still like a crack at it eventually
10/12/11 10:20 PM
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Dawggy - Agreed d1no. I'm stoked about the heavy artillery poster. Didn't know they made one. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Yea man, it was kinda weird to get too. I had to take my ticket to a little office in the venue and show my stubs to the lady for 1 poster per stub. I only have 1 or 2 of those left. It's a Badass poster imo.
10/12/11 10:55 PM
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I saw that.. Dont know why I passed up on it. The seller has a few other posters for sale too.

Good job Gettin them.
10/12/11 11:51 PM
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i still got to frame my poster from fedor vs rogers, i scored that one at the actual event, rockstar was handin those and the programs out like for free with a shitload of free energy drinks as well. I was well caffeinated that night. lol
10/13/11 2:59 AM
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shatteredsoul14 - damn, fidy bucks... if you get rid of it, lemme know. i'd still like a crack at it eventually

It was worth the extra 23 bucks to make sure I got it. It's something I have never seen from one of my favorite fighters (Edgar).
10/13/11 1:00 PM
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 UFC 14 signed by Maurice Smith

EliteXC-Strikeforce Shamrock vs Cung Le

Dream 6

Pride Bushido 8

UFC 24

Dream 1

Gloves are on clearance @ dickssportinggoods for $14.99 with free shipping over $99, columbus day had a discount code for 14.92% off order so 8 pairs cost me $101 dlvd.