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11/16/11 11:46 AM
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just picked up a few odd items recently....

love the beach fight on the Gracie in aciton 2 tape!
11/16/11 11:59 AM
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 Awesome stuff Chip, are those Laserdiscs? I love it.
11/16/11 12:15 PM
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 yeah, i'm going to pick up a lazerdisc player that I found on craigslist later tonight, if they work I might be picking up a few more.
11/16/11 12:31 PM
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 Nice, whats the player gonna run you?
11/16/11 1:48 PM
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Lol. That's awesome chip. Phone Post
11/16/11 1:50 PM
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jamesrudy380 -  Nice, whats the player gonna run you?
$50 not to bad I think?
11/16/11 4:47 PM
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the chip guy - 
jamesrudy380 -  Nice, whats the player gonna run you?
$50 not to bad I think?

 Seems reasonable. They gotta be pretty hard to find. Id buy one if i had those discs you got. Great score.
11/18/11 1:40 AM
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My newest addition. 7 foot by 4 foot strikeforce banner. Got this dirt cheap. Have a feeling this will be worth something someday.
Edited: 11/18/11 8:54 AM
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I dont know hunto the banners he was selling didnt look authentic to me.Arent they normally a lot bigger?
Edited: 11/18/11 12:56 PM
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He had a UFC banner that was 20x7 from a press conference. It is the exact same one they used at the UFC 139 conference. This strikeforce banner was used at a strikeforce event for post fight interviews!

Video Matched!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/18/11 12:58 PM
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So cool to find the matching video. Just as the seller described.
11/18/11 2:50 PM
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 Just got a box of shit from TapouT and another box filled with old-school WANDY shirts and flip-flops from Brazil.
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 got my Rio's in today, mint as always thanks fp!

and a couple new toys for the Wand wall

11/18/11 4:43 PM
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Cool stuff; what exactly poster is that Wandy Bushido? And how much and how rare are they? It's pretty damn cool. Phone Post
11/18/11 5:04 PM
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 it's the back side of the Bushido 2 program. $100 is a good price for a mint one. If you can get one cheaper it's a deal
11/18/11 9:15 PM
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The Wand wall is looking good chip.

I got a few photos signed by Britney Palmer the other day not too much else lately waiting on a few things.
11/19/11 2:14 AM
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Just bought this, pretty cool I think for a cheap price
11/19/11 7:04 AM
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 I usually dont post trading cards on here but this was a big one. I need Anderson Silva and BJ Penn to finish the set if anybody has one for sale let me know.....

11/19/11 1:04 PM
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Just got my pride.31. Thanks James. Phone Post
11/19/11 1:09 PM
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I got my UFC 115 poster signed by the entire card.

Thanks James.
11/20/11 12:58 AM
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fightpimp -  Just got a box of shit from TapouT and another box filled with old-school WANDY shirts and flip-flops from Brazil.

 Glad I bought a bunch of your Wandy shirts the other day!!!! the rest should go really fast now.... 
11/20/11 11:35 AM
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What shirts are those chip?

You got any pics? thanks
11/20/11 2:17 PM
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 not yet Scrivs, fp might be listing them on mmacollector.com sometime soon. I think he might be giving away one on twitter too?
11/20/11 5:01 PM
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Some of the shirts available in size L and XL only. Also have some new flip flops.
If anybody is interested I will start a thread with more pics and pricing.
11/20/11 5:03 PM
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 If anybody needs anything in Brazil I have a SOLID connection right now down there.