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11/20/11 7:18 PM
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Fight pimp do you have any connections with Ricardo Arona? Phone Post
11/20/11 7:45 PM
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gage949 -  Fight pimp do you have any connections with Ricardo Arona? Phone Post

 The connection I was referring to above was in regards to purchasing and shipping merchandise from Brazil (Rio and Curitiba) to the USA. Arona is in Rio most fo the time, I can ask but it may be a stretch... what do you have in mind?
11/20/11 10:38 PM
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Oops sorry about that

I'm on a mission to have everyone who's on my 05 final conflict sign the poster. So far I have wand and reem (easy ones) I still need Arona, Shogun, Fedor and Cro cop.

If you have any ways of getting these sigs without me spending a fortune or losing my poster I'm all ears. Phone Post
11/20/11 11:24 PM
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Sent you an email FP. Phone Post
11/21/11 8:33 AM
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Care to put together me a super cool broski Large Wand T-shirt package?
11/21/11 9:23 AM
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What's the repeat customer rate on a pair of flip floppers? Phone Post
11/21/11 10:18 AM
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PTSandman - Care to put together me a super cool broski Large Wand T-shirt package?
These go for $30-$40 each, if anybody wants a package deal... here it is... 8 brand new WAND shirts for $120 shipped Priority Mail ($11) included in the USA. That's $13.50+/- a shirt. All 8 are different style or color. I'll sell 2 sets like this, the rest will be listed for $24.99 each shipping included.

Flip-flops are size: 2pairsx39, 5pairsx41, and 1pairx43.5 (European sizing)... i'll throw a pair in for free with the above package deal. $20 shipped otherwise. They cost $59.99 new in Brazil. 
11/21/11 10:30 AM
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2 sets (of 8) in size L

and 7 (not 8) in size XL for $110... just double-checked sizing... gave away one on facebook in size xl...
11/21/11 10:51 PM
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Just got Urijah faber to sign my black wec glove, my blank wec century glove, wec limited edition rnd 5. Had bas sign my boxergenic glove. Saw Tito and Rhonda rousey not a bad night =) Phone Post
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Thats awesome. Congrats on the score. Those are some sweet items, especially the Bas Boxergenics.
11/22/11 2:14 AM
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U came up at the fox event Phone Post
11/22/11 8:16 AM
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issues, you got a bucket or something? i'd like to see what that black wec glove looks like
11/22/11 9:51 AM
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Naw bro I don't, but u give me ur email addy I can show u pics of whatever u want. Phone Post
11/22/11 5:57 PM
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Yesterday got a UFC on Fox and 137 program.
11/22/11 6:19 PM
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Got a few small things, since he just beat Eddie; I just got 2 pretty sweet Michael Chandler photos

 SAM_0237.jpg image by aces2882
11/22/11 6:21 PM
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 Got a 27x52 UFC 125 banner

A nice 137 program, Thanks to CalgaryMMA! Thanks Man!

 AKA Signed hat from Phalanax
11/22/11 9:53 PM
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lucky banner winner, i was going to bid the shit out of that but was driving home from giving blood. oh sweet irony.
11/22/11 11:14 PM
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At least you did a good deed; I was watching it for awhile and there was hardly any activity on it. Phone Post
11/22/11 11:22 PM
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Link? Phone Post
11/22/11 11:29 PM
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 it was on ebay, ended a few weeks ago
Edited: 11/23/11 12:20 AM
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http://www.ebay.com/itm/DAN-HENDERSON-UFC-139-AUTO-FIGHT-CARD-GLOVE-W-TICKET-STUB-/250936969410?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a6d0248c2<br /><br />

Just picked up this bad boy on the bay....<br /><br />Just the poster, not the ticket or glove
11/23/11 8:55 AM
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is that full sized hunto? cool score
11/23/11 1:53 PM
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11/23/11 6:50 PM
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 Got this UFC 28 in the mail today. Hoping to get it signed by Randy Couture in NYC next month.

11/24/11 11:14 AM
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Erik Koch's 1st fight in the UFC @ UFC 128 Walkout hoody where he got KOTN! :)