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have to agree with you guys on the B3's. for displays it is the way to go. B3's were the only pride posters i ever bothered to get framed. But i would never pay a big chuck for a B3. I also use to like the UFC 11x17's. Had a sweet collection of those from around 34-50ish i had framed one time. they looked bad ass together. you could never do that with full size.

3/30/12 12:45 PM
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3/30/12 12:50 PM
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Lloyd gave me my bluename80cent -  "I prefer B3's" = I wish I had B2's but I can't find them.
Never had a b2, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I've got 3 b3s signed by fedor, so I'm content. Sure do wish I had a 117 signed by the card though. Holy grail right thurrrrr. Phone Post
3/30/12 1:05 PM
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hunto21 - Lulz
Wanna know something real funny? I paid $80 for the grand prix poster that I flipped for $250 to you. Made some hunto cash on that. Funny thing is you asked to buy it out of the blue as I never intended to sell. Then, when I bought the grand prix poster signed by all 8, I used the $250 I got from you to pay for the signed one. So basically, you paid for my signed grand prix poster. Thanks, homie. Lulz Phone Post
3/30/12 1:09 PM
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And the sucker I sold the UFC bendo poster for $160 to paid for that poster you sold me, so you should be thanking him. Why exactly are you angry???

3/30/12 1:52 PM
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Quit the bitching, this is not the place for that shit. Start your own thread and battle it out there if you must. Phone Post

3/30/12 2:32 PM
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Not angry at all. Just sayin' Phone Post

3/30/12 5:22 PM
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4/1/12 3:43 PM
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Chip, congrats on finally scoring the bomb poster! I'm really gonna miss my annual "you sure you won't sell your bomb?" email... Phone Post

4/1/12 4:21 PM
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Don't worry Grizz!!! If your going to miss those email i'll be sure to tell everyone who asks me to sell mine that you have one that you might want to sell... haha! 

j/k ;)

I also got this boxing poster from a cool as hell movie poster collector for the price of shipping.

If any of you guy's get the time check out his website! I think his site is the gold standard for displaying a collection in a online gallery.


4/1/12 6:34 PM
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Funny how those emails always ended up with me buying something from you and not the other way around Phone Post

4/1/12 6:45 PM
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shamrock ortiz 3 signed by card

ralph gracie signed gi patch

4/2/12 4:06 AM
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Nothing too exciting but got my pride 33 mini finished and my pride card autod and 8X10's of hendo chuck and diego nunes
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Not exactly stuff that i got in the mail, This is more stuff i had signed or got at Strikeforce Tate vs Rousey weekend and now just shadowboxed.

New Pat Healy Display

Judo Gene Lebell Display

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Finally got one of the Pride ring mat plaques and got my "WAR OF THE WORLDS" ali signed poster back from the framers. Very happy!

4/4/12 4:33 AM
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4/4/12 3:07 PM
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Ronda Rousey- signed 8x10, on the back I typed the question ask what her greatest moment as an athlete was? She answered the question which makes it pretty cool.

4/5/12 2:05 AM
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aussiemma - Finally got one of the Pride ring mat plaques and got my "WAR OF THE WORLDS" ali signed poster back from the framers. Very happy!
Where did you that war poster? That's awesome. Phone Post
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<blockquote>aces_taylor - <blockquote>aussiemma - Finally got one of the Pride ring mat plaques and got my "WAR OF THE WORLDS" ali signed poster back from the framers. Very happy!</blockquote>Where did you that war poster? That's awesome. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/></blockquote><br /><br />Yea i fucking love that poster, got it off ebay a few years ago couldnt believe it when i saw it and the price was more than resonable. PSA certified also :) Just praying i get the chance to get Inoki to sign it (wont happen :( lol)!!!! Could you upload the pic here for me, Cheers

4/5/12 8:21 AM
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get gene lebell to sign it. he was the referee

4/6/12 3:06 PM
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Got these bad boys in today. super stoked to have them...




4/6/12 3:23 PM
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Nice posters shatteredsoul!

4/6/12 3:30 PM
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Love those 2 shatteredsoul. That rio is badass!

4/6/12 3:55 PM
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 Nice posters Shattered! Those are the two best post UFC 100 card signed posters to have imo.

I got a B1 UFC 144 in today :-)

Jeremiah if you see this, can you translate the writing in the center of the right side for me?

4/6/12 4:01 PM
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No way...UFC 139 all the way :)