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4/15/12 11:09 AM
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iSsUEs -  How the hell do you find this stuff? Your like the poster god!!! Phone Post

 lol! that 27 was on ebay, just dumb luck.
4/15/12 4:35 PM
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Nice collection Gem! Love your latest Pancrase poster Chip, pink's my colour! The mailman's been pretty good to me the last month or so, I managed to scratch a few off my wish list:

Pride 14 Samurai poster
Pride OWGP Sperm poster
Bushido 7 poster
UFC 144 Rampage poster
UFC on Fox 1
UFC Rio 2 portuguese version

if anyone's interested in looking here's a link to my bucket


4/15/12 7:32 PM
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awesome stuff mmagirl. if you ever want to sell those pride red bolts give me a holla. still looking for a few more pairs.

4/15/12 8:52 PM
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Very nice collection of awesome posters girl!!!

I like Pancrase posters because the designs very greatly from tour to tour, the "X" logo looks cool and nobody else seem to collect them so I get them cheap most of the time... :-)

4/15/12 10:03 PM
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mmagirl..your collection is growing. Awesome. Keep it comin

4/16/12 3:18 PM
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Im on the East Coast so my 27 took longer than chip guys to get here, lol...

4/16/12 3:39 PM
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whats the wec cage from?

4/16/12 3:56 PM
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 I have no idea. Its small, but heavyweight. I saw strictlyviciousww that used to be on mmag was selling one in a shadowbox and it went for like $25 so  i figured $12 would be worth it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-MMA-WEC-Cage-Fighting-UFC-Mini-Octagon-AWESOME-/220998814793?pt=Other_Sports_Fan_Shop&hash=item33748e4c49 I like it. Probably will never be worth anything but i'll put it in a box with my other rings and cages and stuff.

4/16/12 4:54 PM
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thanks for the heads up. look cool and i just bought one

Edited: 4/16/12 5:09 PM
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Ive seen people get the bottom of the rings signed. Usually looks pretty cool.<br /><br />Got my first ttm back in awhile today. Ive been working on a UFC Heavyweight Champion signed glove collection and this is my latest addition.<br /><br />http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa19/tdrsnake/100_2822.jpg

4/16/12 8:29 PM
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Thanks guys. Can't believe how many posters I've found just since joining this forum. Really great resource for people looking to add to their collections. I had really stalled out there for a while.

4/17/12 3:28 PM
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Got these in from my singapore hookup last night. hopefully they will be signed later in the week.

4/17/12 7:28 PM
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"Sex so good you'll break her bed?" I don't think I've ever experienced that lol.

4/17/12 7:31 PM
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oh ... and cool score btw, love Aoki even though he's a crybaby.

4/18/12 3:23 PM
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 i do like the '09 K1 Prix poster girl........... almost as much as your eyeball poster..... poke.... poke.....poke... :D

4/18/12 6:59 PM
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lol! maybe one day .... ;)

4/18/12 10:42 PM
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 amazing it's one day! Want my mailing address?

4/19/12 11:05 AM
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kimuralock -  amazing it's one day! Want my mailing address?

hahaha right you are. Sure, send me your address. Also, let me know which hours you are typically away from home. I KNOW you've got a few things in your stash that are on my wishlist! :D
4/19/12 2:11 PM
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 just a few new Sakara and Miocic PC cards (including the Diamond 1/1 Stipe card)

4/19/12 6:31 PM
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Lloyd gave me my bluename80cent - 
kimuralock -  amazing it's one day! Want my mailing address?


4/19/12 7:53 PM
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It's been a good week thus far. Got a sf grand prix mini signed by Barnett, Rogers, Werdum, big foot, kharitonov, and overeem. http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd54/Razaruckus/80be0348.jpg

A UFC 97 signed by card.

Got a 55 inch plasma 3d tv today

And I've got a rampagezilla on the way and I received conor heuns gloves from the magno almeida fight. Phone Post

4/19/12 8:07 PM
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Got a Penn Gomi dvd and program for only $7 today.

4/19/12 8:09 PM
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lol @ Chip

Dawggy - mailman was really good to you! Just in time for this weekend's fight. Really like that strikeforce mini, what a great tourney it's been. Can't wait for the final.

4/19/12 9:39 PM
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 That pic is awesome

4/19/12 9:49 PM
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 I got 4 cam posters that I feel really comfortable about, GREAT shipping as well I might add. Perhaps he's turned a leaf. I would and will buy again.