UnderGround Forums What did the Mailman bring you today?

4/26/12 6:03 PM
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Finally got the Ali Inoki cartoon poster.Love that one and yesterday got a UFC 31 signed by Couture,Rizzo,Militech and Newton.

4/26/12 9:59 PM
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 Not mailman, but i found out around lunchtime that GSP was doing a signing at 6 in NYC at a Sports Authority so i ducked out of work early and went up there. The signing was orderly and there really wasnt alot of people there but no photos allowed and he was only signing the sponsors 8x10s. I had my son with me and he signed this glove for him.

I got home to find this in the mail thanks to shatteredsoul14. Eddie Alvarez is one of my favorites and i was very happy to add this one to my collection....

Heres a link to the rest of my Eddie Alvarez collection. If anyone has anything for sale that i could add to it let me know, thanks.    http://s176.photobucket.com/albums/w198/jamesrudy380/MMA/Eddie%20Alvarez%20PC/

4/26/12 11:35 PM
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that gsp on ver 4 glove is awesome. I got one as well and was hard as hell to get as like you say he is very picky on what he signs now.

4/26/12 11:40 PM
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Nice collection on Alvarez! Its cool to see a collection on just one fighter like that.I thought me and chip were about the only ones who did that.

4/27/12 5:04 PM
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Can't post picks but just had Rhonda rousey sign sum strikeforce gloves and mini poster for me Phone Post

4/27/12 9:13 PM
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Koji came through big time!

4/28/12 9:13 AM
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Grizz - love that first one. WOW. That is an ingenious design.

4/28/12 12:52 PM
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That's my favorite of the group too. Pancrase's posters are pretty hit or miss, but when they hit they hit big Phone Post

4/28/12 12:55 PM
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i just received my bendo dethrone poster from chip. thanks dude im chuffed with it can't wait to get it signed in 2 weeks. i also got my hendo vs fedor poster through the post at the same time. should also look sweet after its signed. can't remember who gave me a heads up about them for sale on ebay but thanks whoever it was Phone Post

4/28/12 1:39 PM
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Thanks Swift33.

4/28/12 5:20 PM
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grkblood...your on a roll. How long have you been collecting?

4/28/12 5:35 PM
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3 months tops I would say.

4/28/12 9:55 PM
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nice score grkblood. 3 months in? nice. LOVE the top 2. Bushido 1 is badass.

4/29/12 9:57 PM
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Tanks Shoes worn at The Ultimate Ultimate


4/29/12 10:10 PM
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Wow Gem one of the coolest items I've ever seen posted.

4/29/12 10:13 PM
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 the mailman brought me a replica of the mayweather vs cotto poster as an advertisement for the PPV from Comcast. lol

4/29/12 10:35 PM
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Wondered who ended up with those shoes. Good score.

Edited: 5/1/12 3:30 AM
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Got my Pride GP 2003 ZIPPO LIGHTERS finally today! Was a bit of a fuck around getting them sent but in the end all worked out! They look awesome!


5/1/12 8:28 PM
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Nice aussie, did you get those from yahoo japan site? I've never figured out how to order shit off there. Cool piece!

5/2/12 4:12 AM
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Also got my Muhammad Ali vs Inoki on site program and unused ticket :) Stoked to get these!

pics: http://s1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj635/ausmma/

5/2/12 9:25 AM
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Got a Mike Tyson/Lewis poster signed by both of them the other day.I was excited to find that.

5/2/12 1:39 PM
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Great score hicks. Hot this today:
http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd54/Razaruckus/cf3291f7.jpg Phone Post

5/2/12 2:45 PM
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nice pick ups. Those rampage posters are quickly finding permanent homes and then will not be seen again. I am glad i got one because they will be extremely hard to locate let alone buy going forward.

5/2/12 2:46 PM
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yeah welcome to the club dawggy, how steep was the price?

5/2/12 2:59 PM
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Thanks guys. Nice to be part of the club. :) price wasn't as bad as I expected but was a pretty penny. I've got a very special poster coming from koji as well. Can't wait for that gem to get here. Phone Post