UnderGround Forums What's your favorite fight scene of all time?

4/1/20 1:21 PM
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4/2/20 12:35 PM
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Any fight scene from Banshee, but especially the Burton vs indian chick fight.

14 days ago
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I just saw this fight while at a friends house. The other epic scene from this episode is even more brutal,but not a fight.

14 days ago
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Revenge of the Ninja "Have you seen my son?" park scene. Those who know, know! 

13 days ago
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I think this is the scene you wanted, but I've never seen this movie.

13 days ago
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13 days ago
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The Sauce -

ONG BAK! - the scene with the capoeira guy! 

My bad, I meant from "The Protector". But Urquidez/Chan from Wheels on Meals is the answer 

13 days ago
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Oh you gonna get it now..




13 days ago
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I thinkt he bad guy at 1.50 is kirik.

13 days ago
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12 days ago
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The Crow. Guy with dreads is throwing knives at Brandon Lee in the alley. He ducks one slaps one away and catches the last one. It’s not a long fight scene it’s just badass...

12 days ago
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e. kaye -

jackie Chan on the roof of some building fighting a tall white guy that could really kick.

From the movie "Who am I" 

11 days ago
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Dux vs paco

11 days ago
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Oleg Taktarov vs Anthony Macias was a good scene from a really old mma movie 

11 days ago
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Gomrad - 

“They Live” extended ally brawl between Roddy Piper and Keith David was a good one

Correct. All other answers are gay.

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Ninja Lee -

Some good ones already! OP I love that bar fight, exactly like you say too, it's not the best choreographed but it's the mood!

Came here to post this Jackie Chan vs.  Benny the jet scene. . My favorite of all time. 



Bloodsport , " frank put up your dux" vs Paco was my favorite when i was young.  In spanish when we had to choose a name i chose Paco.