UnderGround Forums Where was Hardys corner?

5/21/20 10:25 AM
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Hardy took advice from DC about the leg kicks but shouldn't of Hardys corner been saying the same thing?

The corner men should be and probably was louder then an annoucers. I mean they do talk loud and get excited but a corner man definitely should be louder.

Also anyone know their credentials and who they are? Camp move maybe help him?


5/23/20 2:27 PM
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Check the kick

5/23/20 3:59 PM
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He trains at ATT, though I'm not sure who cornered him for this fight, they were probably a solid crew. I'd assume his corner did tell him. He also heard DC say it, and was having some fun in the interview by giving him credit.
5/24/20 11:07 PM
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Din Thomas doesn’t train him anymore unless I’m mistaken