UnderGround Forums Which performances for you showed true toughness?

10/29/20 12:22 PM
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Off the top of my head.

Enson Vs Igor.

Wow. Does Enson have a pair. To go toe to toe with Igor and even when stuck in guard and getting bombed he wouldn't quit.

Rory Vs Robbie.2

Rory took a hell of a lot of damage and still would not go away. The fact he got finished for me doesn't matter as he kept going until his body broke first, not his will.

Tony vs Justin.

Tony the terminator. He just will not stop coming forward even when it's clearly for his own good he stops.

Quick mentions- BJ vs Hughes 2, BJ vs GSP.2.
Frankie Edgar Vs Gray Maynard 2 and 3.
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Gabe Rudiger vs Hermes Franca

Gabe Rudiger vs Melvin

Gabe Rudigy vs Joe Luazon

10/29/20 12:44 PM
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Enson Vs Igor is the GOAT.

Cowboy Cerrone can take a hell of shot too and perform at a high level.

10/29/20 12:55 PM
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Diego Sanchez's entire career.  Pick a fight, especially in the second half of his career.  Fights like Kampmann, he gets the ever loving shit beat out of him, and he comes back and wins.  There were a few fights like that where I'm pretty sure the judges gave him the decision not based on the official scoring criteria, but because of his inspirational grit.


Royce vs Kimo... seemed like the first fight where Royce got roughed up a bit by someone much larger than himself.


Yuki Nakai.  Watch the movie Choke.  Rickson was shitting his pants.



Marloes Coenan vs Cyroid.  Marloes was much smaller but obviously more talented than the beast cheater Cyborg.  Marloes was eventually pummelled into a loss, but she was never out of the fight mentally.  I don't think it ever crossed her mind that she was going to lose, even at the end.


Something also needs to be said about Minowaman in the Super Hulk Tournament which he eventually won.  Those other guys were *yuge*.  Sokodjou was coming off wins over Arona and Lil Nog back when those guys were the top ranked guys in Pride's STACKED LHW division.

10/29/20 12:56 PM
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Jamie Varner vs James Krause

10/29/20 1:01 PM
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Vinny recently lost to Craig Jones by brutal leg lock.  But the crazy bastard never really tapped.  It's more accurate to say that Craig stopped out of sympathy.


Hendo vs Shogun 1.  Back and forth war where BOTH GUYS looked like they were done, multiple times each.  Unbelievable fight between two guys that refused to lose.

10/29/20 1:12 PM
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Amaury Bitetti never gave up as Don Frye was absolutely smashing him.

Oleg had insane toughness

Thiago Santos' performance against Jon Jones on fucked up knees is VASTLY underappreciated.

Enson has several.  Heath Herring telling him to tap and him saying "I'm sorry, I can't" comes to mind and then of course there is the Vovchanchin massacre.

Yuki Nakai's performances in the same VT Japan tournament are amazing.

Evander Holyfield's fights with the younger, bigger, quicker and harder hitting Riddick Bowe earned my respect.

10/29/20 1:22 PM
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Nakai, Enson, and Frankie Edgar are three who come to mind.

There are levels to displays of toughness. They not only endured tremendous punishment, but they continued to try to win throughout.

That's what is so amazing about Frankie v. Gray. He wasn't just enduring pain and damage. He was finding ways to win. Just remarkable toughness.

10/29/20 1:28 PM
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Faber vs. Aldo

Faber vs. Brown 2


Faber is one tough S.O.B.

10/29/20 1:33 PM
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Faber vs. Aldo

Faber vs. Brown 2


Faber is one tough S.O.B.

Faber is a good one. Another guy who endured tremendous pain and didn't just "not give up" but tried so hard to win.

10/29/20 1:56 PM
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Hominick doing pressups at the beginning of the fifth, having taken a merciless beating from Aldo for four rounds, was something to see. I think he might have even won that last round, if I'm remembering correctly.


Chris Eubank vs a much bigger Carl Thompson stuck with me, too.

10/29/20 2:18 PM
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Fabio Maldonado vs Glover. I was scared for Fabio

10/29/20 2:26 PM
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Staying with enson vs Igor I'd like to add shoji and Otsuka (vs Igor). Igor has dealt out some brutal beatings over the years. 

10/29/20 2:42 PM
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The recent Sapp win. To push this huge broken body to the limit like that, it was insane 

10/29/20 3:11 PM
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extended hopeless ass kickings but refusal to quit: hall vs frye  and bitetti vs frye


10/29/20 3:15 PM
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Dennis Bermudez vs Matt Grice was a pretty gritty fight. Both guys had to dig deep.

10/29/20 3:18 PM
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every Joe Lauzon fights he's lost. No quit in that kid. 

10/29/20 3:26 PM
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Pourier's I think it was against Hooker
Faber with 2 broken fists
pat barry / cheik kongo
Rose / PVZ
joanna / valentina
10/29/20 3:37 PM
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Koscheck vs Alves


10/29/20 3:38 PM
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Frankie in any of his fights. He should be the American Zombie 

10/29/20 3:52 PM
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ShanTheMan -

Koscheck vs Alves


Came to say this. I don't think kos had been in bad trouble during a fight at that point in his career so I feel like I might have doubted his grit. Gained a ton of respect for him after that one. Too bad he was a dbag outside the cage.

10/29/20 3:53 PM
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dinkledorf -

Frankie in any of his fights. He should be the American Zombie 

The Maynard trilogy is what made me a fan of Edgar.

10/29/20 3:59 PM
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BJ vs GSP 2??? U mean the fight that BJ quit?

10/29/20 4:14 PM
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Gotta give Perry props for not giving up when Luque squashed his nose 

10/29/20 4:43 PM
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Faber getting his leg kicked off by Aldo was pretty impressive. 


Faber breaking both hands against Mike Brown was pretty tough too