UnderGround Forums Who is the best grappler you've ever rolled with?

1/13/20 1:05 PM
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Joe Moreira and we technically werent grappling. He put on some top pressure and kept telling me to work, except I couldnt move or breathe.

Rudson Mateus dropped in our school as a purple belt during worlds, and he was SO fast and fluid. I was trying my hardest to just slow everything down, and he was flow rolling over over me.

1/13/20 1:08 PM
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Rafa or Marcelo

1/13/20 1:13 PM
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Marcelo Garcia and Rigan Machado

1/13/20 1:30 PM
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matt serra  and a bunch of great grapplers that started there Muller,Scarola,Nick Serra,Drago,Jason rau,James Gonzolez Rich Kaflage Jon Wiedler,Space Monkey,Greg Depasquale

1/13/20 1:39 PM
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knappster -

CM Punk

I rolled with him a few weeks before his first ufc fight. I'd didn't even know it was him until afterwards. He introduced himself as Phil. 

1/13/20 1:41 PM
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Roy Nelson

1/13/20 1:50 PM
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kennyfrommd - 

Rafa or Marcelo

What were the differences between them?
1/13/20 2:04 PM
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Jeff Joslin

1/13/20 2:06 PM
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1/13/20 2:14 PM
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nhb1 - 

Jeff Joslin

I rolled with jeff a couple years ago and he gave me a really  hard time.  He is a beast.  And an excellent guy.  

1/13/20 2:23 PM
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Last week some guy 20 pounds lighter than I am asked me to roll and whooped me several times before he said thanks and headed to the locker room. Didn't realize it was Brian Bowles 

1/13/20 2:24 PM
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HillboFrateTrane - 
Samoa -

Nino Schembri in his prime. I don't know shit but he seemed way smoother than Relson and Ralph. 

Well yeah, he was better at jiu jitsu than them. 


1/13/20 2:35 PM
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1/13/20 3:05 PM
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Daniel Moraes. Margarida.

Edited: 1/13/20 4:00 PM
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Competed against Rhadi Ferguson lost 4-2 double overtime 

Roll Rolles Gracie, Sergio Ignacio ,Luca Attala, Bill Scott and Tom DeBlass 

1/13/20 4:09 PM
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kennyfrommd -

Rafa or Marcelo

Marcelo let me basically do whatever I wanted and then took it all away at the end.

Rafa was still actively competing for himself, so he just destroyed me start to finish.

1/13/20 4:52 PM
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1/13/20 5:44 PM
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HillboFrateTrane - 
Samoa -
HillboFrateTrane - 
Samoa -

Nino Schembri in his prime. I don't know shit but he seemed way smoother than Relson and Ralph. 

Well yeah, he was better at jiu jitsu than them. 


By then yeah. Sport for sure. Schembri was a beast in sport bjj. 

I was kidding.  I had never heard of Nino at that point but the whispers in class (in Sacramento) was that when he was training at Ralph's months before that he was handling him.  He talked a LOT about how much he learned with Rickson and how Rickson was light years ahead of himself even at Rickson's age; whatever it was at that point.  96 I think.

I had just moved from Hawaii and was stupid enough to wear my Relson gi to class before I bought a new one and it was ok until Nino got there in like the third class.  I caught him looking at the logo on the back of my gi (in the mirror) during class so when it came time to pair up I literally layed down behind two of the guys in class..............and Nino kept looking around until he found me and signaled that we would be partners.  Holy shit.  Hahahah

1/13/20 6:02 PM
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Ryan bader 

ben askren 

1/13/20 6:25 PM
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I have trained with Pablo Popovitch, Marcelo Garcia, Leo Vieira, Andre Galvao, and Vagner Rocha (before he was black belt). 

1/13/20 6:51 PM
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Luke Rockhard - 

Daniel Valverde. 

Lovato Jr was a close 2nd. 

Geez I actually forgot I rolled with Daniel.


It was at an mma seminar that Big Nog was doing when he was UFC Champion at the time and Daniel was there as well.  


I literally had zero mma experience and at the end of the seminar people were asked if they wanted to roll with Daniel, but you had to be a blue belt or higher. 


I was overheard saying, "man, I wish I could roll with him, I'd never have this opportunity again".  One of his guys heard that and made an exception and I rolled with him. It was amazing how good his hips were.  I tried to get out of his guard and did this like Kazushi Sakuraba white belt cartwheel move and for less than a split second, I was out of his guard but just like that, I was back in it.  The first armbar he did to me I think was 8 seconds in, and the 2nd one about 20 seconds in lol.  It all happened so fast.


I think in less than a year Daniel Valverde grappled and WON against Vinny Magalhaes at a UFC expo jiu jitsu thing.  This was when Vinny was arguably at the top of his game regarding jiu jitsu competing.

1/13/20 7:02 PM
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The brothers at AOJ

1/13/20 7:11 PM
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JJ Machado.  I was a brown belt at the time and it felt like it was my first day.

1/13/20 7:17 PM
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this guy. it didn't go well.
1/13/20 11:43 PM
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Marcio Feitosa