UnderGround Forums Who is the best grappler you've ever rolled with?

13 days ago
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JoeVIP  - 

this guy. it didn't go well.

Incredible choice

13 days ago
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Bernardo faria. Tapped from mount pressure and a bunch of omaplatas. Lucas Lepri. I lasted 37 seconds. Honarable mentions: Priit Mikhelson, Matheus Gonzaga, Renan Borges, Giancarlo Bodoni and Kenny Florian

13 days ago
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Huelder Motta, my BJJ coach in Brazil. That guy is unreal. One of his black belts named Italo was sick too. I can't remember italo's last name and I haven't kept in touch the last few years but those guys made me feel like I have never rolled before.


outside of my gym it was Chris Brennan. At a seminar years and years ago. I had been doing judo for about 6-7 years at that time but not much bjj. Chris made me look silly. Super nice guy. 

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Tara Larosa

13 days ago
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Braulio Estima

Tom DeBlass

Silver Fox

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Ryann Von Doom - 

Tara Larosa

:D :D :D
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Kron Gracie
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10eroftheyear -

David Terrell....its not even close, and I've rolled with multiple world champions. Hes fucking unreal.


13 days ago
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Gui Mendes and Saulo Ribeiro
13 days ago
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Fernando Terere. Was a blue belt at the time, outweighed him by 20kg, he was just coming back to BJJ after his breakdown and still absolutely tooled me.

13 days ago
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Marcio Andre, runner up Isaque Bahniese. Another one that comes to mind is Marcio Corleta.

13 days ago
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Dean Malenko. 

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Mario sperry

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Dan Camarillo 


I know I'm forgetting some others

13 days ago
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Tim Credeur. 

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I lost to Joe Williams and beat 2 time indiana state high school champ Cameron Smith in freestyle

13 days ago
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Andre Galvao. Was coming back from a dislocated kneecap at the time though and went super light on him. He got lucky 

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Threaded deserted,x,Dave,znfc

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Dan Dennis 


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Ronald dayley founder of the scientific street fighting academy Clarksville TN whoop whoop

13 days ago
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Prof Allen Hopkins

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Gi it was Joe Moreira. I was 31, Brownbelt physically in my peak.

He tapped me for an hour without much effort. He wasn´t heavy, wasn´t doing pressure on me but I couldn´t move him. He was 50:-):-) Amazing guy

No-Gi Roy Harris. Pressure like hell. Control, mind reading skills. Couldn´t do much even I was younger and in better shape than him. Amazing skills.
13 days ago
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Overall, probably Robson Moura before he won his last Mundials, just in terms of sheer impressiveness 


Most memorable - Roberto Leitão around 2005 or so. The way he made things painful, while doing so little, is something I’ll never forget. It was otherworldly


Best under the radar guy- Brian Rago at Gracie Philly. The guy’s game is just perfect. 

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nhb1 -

Jeff Joslin

From Hamilton?

13 days ago
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Gareth80 -

Fernando Terere. Was a blue belt at the time, outweighed him by 20kg, he was just coming back to BJJ after his breakdown and still absolutely tooled me.

Getting my ass whooped by Terere is one of my most treasured memories in Jiu Jitsu and life.