UnderGround Forums Who is the best grappler you've ever rolled with?

1/16/20 9:09 AM
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All I have to say is fuck Rodolfo Viera's top pressure. Its terrifying. 

1/16/20 12:10 PM
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Thought this was pretty cool 

1/16/20 5:31 PM
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Lucas Lepri. Rolled w him since a purple belt and after I got my black belt I got to roll w him and holy fucking shit. I have like 70lbs on him but as a black belt he gave me zero quarter. This was two weeks out from his last worlds title as well, I have never been tapped that many times in a roll as a black belt in the gi.

1/16/20 8:41 PM
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99% of the time I have my normal 2 for a 20/20/20 split but on that off chance they dont come I bite the bullet and buy alone. Phone Post

1/17/20 4:27 PM
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Had to come back in and add another, Josh Hinger

1/17/20 4:40 PM
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Sam Rice was another monster.  Young dude who hunts mountain lions in CA with a pellet gun he said, true story.  A .50 cal pellet gun. 

1/17/20 5:01 PM
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Mike Oxylong. 

insane guard and an unstoppable sweep and top game.