UnderGround Forums Why isn’t Stipe more popular?

3 days ago
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It's his marble mouth. Watching him speak is like watching a sock puppet. Listening to him speak without closed captioning is like trying to crack a WWII cipher.
3 days ago
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 Stipe doesn't have the charisma to carry over on TV. He's a blue collar hardworking firefighter who just happens to be a helluva fighter. He never seemed to care about even developing a brand for himself. The UFC did him no favors either by marketing him even less than they did Mighty Mouse. If Stipe was even respected by the UFC as much as Fucking Cody Garbrandt was he would be very well known. They lowballed him when he beat Alistair. They treated like he was some jobber being brought in to showcase Nganou, but Stipe fucked that all up for them. When he was finally starting to get a little bit of respect and being treated by the company about equal to as say Mickey Gall(which was far more than they ever had) he went and lost to DC.

 Sadly I think the Nganou fight might have taken a lot out of Stipe. He ate some monsterous bombs from Francis, shots that seemed bigger than what DC hit him with. Fuck the fanfare and all the fame. Something tells me Stipe will be happier when its over and he can focus on working at one firehouse and hanging out with the rest of his real friends.

3 days ago
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European name and looks, for a Clevelander.
3 days ago
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Captain Canuck -

What a stupid fucking thing for Fabricio to do 

3 days ago
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Boom Boom Mancino - 

It's not the highest on the list, but I don't think the non-Americanized name on an all-American guy helps a lot.  People in the US feel a bit weird just saying his name.

It's kind of a silly example, but even Vince McMahon Sr. would have had trouble tuning 'Stipe Miocic' into a 'hardworking ethnic hero' like Bruno Sammartino or 'Polish Power' Ivan Putski (well, those names aren't necessariiy 'Americanized' either but we've been used to Italian names especially for generations, and those particular ones aren't awkward at all for an American of that generation.)   

Add that to the lack of interest in self-promotion and extreme lack of enunciation and you have someone who's not as popular as he sounds like he should be on paper.

Stephen Matheson, imo.
3 days ago
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I wondered if he's worked with a P.R./speech guy? You'd think someone at his level would give that a shot.

He's got the personality of a black hole.
3 days ago
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He lost me after the DC fight with the bitching and pouting on the sideline. Should’ve fought somebody, anybody, and then called out DC in the post fight. He’s just too boring to care about a rematch after he got flatlined. His “record” is a hype machine joke compared to other divisions too so you can’t really sell anybody on that either. 

3 days ago
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I think he’s great, comes off as a massive dork on embeddeds and I find it hilarious. 

3 days ago
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He's actually funny on the embeddeds, but interviews horribly. Also, while he derailed the Francis hype train, he should have worked harder to finish once it was obvious that Francis was done for, as there was a moment in that fight where he could have rode A LOT of momentum with a stoppage.

He also beat guys like Hunt, AA, Overeem, JDS (who beat him previously, further proof he has slid quite a bit) after they were already shot to shit, because the heavyweight division is fucked. The Werdum win was massive, but damn did Werdum go from fighting a masterful fight against Cain, to fighting like a fucking regional scrub in the Stipe fight.


2 days ago
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Why is it so hard for people to accept that not everyone has "it"? You can put down on paper all the traits that you might want in a fighter, if they don't connect with the fans, none of it matters. And that's not a promoter's fault. All a promoter can do is give someone an opportunity. I honestly don't know what people expect when they try to blame a promoter for a guy not being able to make people give a fuck about them. Hey here's an interview, take 20 seconds and let people know why they should care about you.

"Uhh you know I'll fight whoever and uhhh, my team is gonna talk with the UFC and we'll figure something out....."

Wow, fucking enthralling. Damn those awful promoters for not creating magic out of that horse shit.

2 days ago
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Because hes a normal boring guy.

2 days ago
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because he's the boringest speaker of maybe all time.. listening to him talk is like watching grass grow.. he just says empty words and talks about nothing .. 

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He has little marketing behind him from the UFC. In my IHO they are missing a big opportunity for a large part of their market.Blue Coller hard working  good guy has appeal. They just need to market the poor guy. 

2 days ago
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Thats fukin illegal -

because he's the boringest speaker of maybe all time.. listening to him talk is like watching grass grow.. he just says empty words and talks about nothing .. 

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2 days ago
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Honestly I think a big part of it is his accent. He seems like a good dude, but that accent automatically sounds brash, arrogant and obnoxious 

2 days ago
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No teeth , mumbles and zero personality.  

2 days ago
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God Of Thunder -

If he keeps Dc at a distance he can win 

Stipe is good at keeping his opponents at a distance. Dude hasn't fought in 12 years.

2 days ago
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He's a marble-mouth with an awkward personality and i also never for a second bought into him being some all time great HW like the UFC tries to push.
1 day ago
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supersonic - He's a marble-mouth with an awkward personality and i also never for a second bought into him being some all time great HW like the UFC tries to push.

No, but he definitely could have been a Rocky-type personality, the blue-collar over-achiever. The UFC didn't even give him that and seemed to want him to lose as soon as possible.
1 day ago
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My opinion is that he is good at all phases but not great in any one area. Hard to get fans who don't relate to you. Ex DC Askren etc have the wrestling fans.  Gracie - Jujitsu fans etc etc.  he also comes across as a decent guy but just vanilla. 

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Poor guy sounds like a mongoloid. Can't be easily understood, and what he says is very simple.
It's a shame, because I think he's probably a fine person.
Cormier fits the blue collar crossover role perfectly.
8 hours ago
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I think his personality is just fighter 101 .. I don't care if someone talks shit or not.. but when they put a microphone in ur face don't mumble and say chiches ..  

he kind of has a bro style of acting .. like small pranks .. and trys to be the all American fire fighter type dude .. I just don't relate to that .. 

8 hours ago
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High possibility he wins tonight