UnderGround Forums Would you be able to weather this storm?

8/13/19 1:34 AM
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Fighter does a great job of weathering the storm and shelling up to throw those vicious hellbows until one of them lands - #youcantteachheart
8/13/19 2:06 AM
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That was incredible. Probably not. 

8/13/19 7:29 AM
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Wonderful contest. Ten times kids entertaining than most UFCs

8/13/19 7:52 AM
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That is like a textbook example you show your student to teach him to pick his shots and not punch himself out. Blue was throwing okay until the 2nd knockdown when it was just sloppy left hook right hook with his head straight back and chin up in the air. Good on red for staying in the fight and cleaning him up.

8/13/19 8:46 AM
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Sub 4 lata

8/13/19 9:49 AM
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I kind of enjoy the running laps around the ring showboating when they get a knockdown. None of this neutral corner shit.

8/13/19 7:33 PM
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Wow that was an amazing comeback 

8/13/19 7:35 PM
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8/14/19 1:04 PM
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That is how I live my life.


Except for the elbow part at the end.  I have not got to that part yet.

8/14/19 8:15 PM
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Wow that was awesome

8/14/19 8:32 PM
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Holy fucking awesome.