UnderGround Forums Wtf happened to Nick Diaz?!

5/21/19 8:43 PM
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Nick lived a really clean life minus the Devils lettuce but that isn't the problem his motor skills are slow and sloppy. Not saying that he wouldn't beat the shit out of 95% of the population but it just really is sad. Nate needs to step the fuck up and Stockton slap the shit out of him to get him on track. The sage video made it look like nick wouldn't even be safe on a cycle..he took too much damage in his fights and think we are seeing some Ali type symptoms..I genuinely feel bad for nick.

5/21/19 8:55 PM
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He posted something last week about killing himself 

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He just drinks all the time now cause he never did it when he was younger.

5/22/19 3:21 AM
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TBI 100 percent 


his behavior is mirroring mine and everyone around him just sees the same old guy and they all blame him like he’s got a choice in how he’s behaving 


come on nick, snap out of it, just shrug it off, just be normal 




This is what Traumatic Brain Injuries look like unfolding in an person that looks like he’s the same old guy we know 


Ive cut off all my friends, I keep getting the same comments from everyone, just get over it


I wish i could get over it 


I wish I could show people exactly how much this hurts me every minute of every day 


When I have incidences of hostility in public or anyone experiences an outburst, I’m mortified when I process it afterwards and I’ve come to realize to seek those people out, appologize and explain what’s going on 


the best thing I’ve come to understand and share to convey my genuine apology for situations is explaining to others that what they experienced in a moment of unpleasantness in what ever situation we engaged in, is only that for them, what they experienced lasted only moments, and my involvement with the unpleasantness is on going every minute of my day thereafter and they only saw a glimpse of what I live with always 


its a nightmare and I hate it more than anyone else ever could and it’s painful how much I am looked down upon for not being able to get over it 


then i laugh and usually say, so you see, I’m the victim here hahahah 


trust me, it’s helps people not feel bad for being involved in a hostel moment and hopefully keep them from stewing negatively there after 



5/22/19 4:43 AM
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This is a weekly thread these days

I work for a living, not keep track of threads on a website 

You should do something else for a living.

5/22/19 7:20 PM
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I remember when he had that huge suspension, he whined so much how they've ruined his career. Thanks to a lot of fans signing petitions etc they reduced that suspension, but he hasn't fought at all and that suspension would be up around now anyway.

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He shouldn't have adopted AJ Agazarm