What if ... 11.5 months too early to get kid boxing?

4/13/19 10:35 AM
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I always wished my dad had gotten me into boxing at a super-young age.  Seems like the ones that do more often than not have a serious edge when they get older.  Like you'll hear stuff like "Floyd Mayweather was boxing by the age of 7 years old!".  Then he goes on to be probably the most dominant fighter of his generation.

So the kid is 11.5 months old now.  I would LOVE to get him started boxing, and then when he debuts later, the announcers would be all "this kid has been boxing since he was ZERO YEARS OLD!!!!".

But of course I don't want to harm him, in particular I know weight lifting too early they think at least can possibly stunt a kid's growth.  So, if I got him boxing, might it stun his growth?  I was thinking I would hold the pads for him for sure at least, and let him hit my heavy bag, double end bag, body snatcher bag.  But also I was thinking of trying to get him sparring - my cousin has a kid that is like 3 months older than him, so a little bigger, thinking of seeing if he'd be good with them sparring.  It would give the kid an advantage of facing men bigger than him from such a young age.

Thoughts on the safty of all that?


4/13/19 10:37 AM
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no but just start with slap fighting with him to get him used to taking blows.

4/13/19 10:40 AM
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Fucking retard
4/13/19 10:43 AM
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Hitting things fine.


learning movement fine.


being hit not fine.


except you are full of shit because this is not in line with the developmental capabilities of a 12 month old...and unless you are an idiot you know that purposeful training at an older age will accelerate someone past 12 years of karate kid style training in less than a year.