What if ... ALL UPCOMING UFC CANCELED. What fights now?

4/10/20 9:52 PM
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Not even Dana can overcome the will of the mouse. 

Disney gonna Disney. What fights would you like to see in the future now? Do you rebook Khabib vs. TFerg VII and Cejudo vs. Aldo or do you book all new fights and bring the UFC back July 4 weekend with a bang? 



Jones vs Adesanya 

Nunes vs Schevchenko III

Cejudo vs. Figuereido BW belt

Covington vs Woodley

Urijah Faber vs. Manny Gamburyan



McGregor vs. Masvidal for BMF Belt

Stipe vs DC III

Usman vs. Edwards

Aldo vs Cruz

Megan Anderson vs GDR @145





4/10/20 9:56 PM
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I see this double posted. I’m a jerk, my internet went out. VD me to Bolivia.