What if ... ATTN MODS, Slydawg needs help

5/17/19 11:20 AM
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Just got a text from sly. apparently he tried to change his email address and it locked him out of this OG account, following the instructions does not unlock him. 


Any mods around that can help him out?

5/17/19 11:21 AM
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I can help. I need his ssn first. 

5/17/19 11:22 AM
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I’m on it!

Edited: 5/17/19 11:24 AM
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paging Nitecrawler

5/17/19 11:24 AM
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I have his email info, if a mod needs it PM me and I can give it to them.

5/17/19 11:26 AM
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i unlocked him. if there's anything else please email me instead of making a thread.


5/17/19 11:36 AM
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I tried everything and nothing worked. Not sure why I got locked out. PJ was the only way to get reinstated. Sry.,., thank pj



5/17/19 11:37 AM
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I tried to email support and it bounced back. I will keep your email Saglv

5/17/19 12:43 PM
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Why is savage napkin getting all the cudos?  I said I was on it first...