What if ... Cuomo is a moaning minny

4/2/20 3:55 PM
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This bloke goes on and on. When I first saw him a couple of weeks ago I was initially quite impressed with him. But since this pierced nipples shenanigans and letting out the sex offenders I see him in a different light now. Its like he blames everybody and everything but himself. And he just says the same things over and over. Is he a democrat?. I'm just an English bloke watching from over the pond. I understand his Dad was governer as well?. Was he good and did Michael get in on the strength of the family name?. Damn I just can't get those nipplebars out of my head

4/2/20 4:08 PM
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Someone got a case of the WFA

4/2/20 4:27 PM
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how about Cuoko though