What if ... Did I Rape My Sister Yesterday?

11/1/08 9:20 PM
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I wasn't going to post this here but I'm really feeling strange right now. I'm not sure if I raped my sister or not.

yesterday I go over to her house because she needs her computer to be fixed & I'm the computer fixer in the family.

I get there and knock. After a few minutes of waiting she opens the door wearing only a towel. Obviously she just got finished taking a shower as she was still soaking wet.

I said to myself "You gotta be kidding me. Why the hell didn't she just put her clothes on?" But I was also turned on seeing so much wet, shiny, smooth skin and bare legs up to her thighs.

So she takes me to her room where the computer is and is holding the towel on her body with one arm & navigating the mouse with the other. She is standing up and bending over so I can see a lot of her legs. I could feel that horny sensation creeping into every cell of my body and I just had to do this:

I honestly said to myself at that moment "Fuck it" and as she was talking and bending over the computer clicking around, I took my clothes off (I was wearing shorts and a shirt so I was easy and fast).

I then grabbed the towel and pulled it off of her body. She immediately spun around, covering D-cup tits with her arms with a look of shock on her face. I put my arms around her and sort of threw her onto the bed with me on top of her.

I positioned my legs so that I fell right in between her legs.

"What are you doing?" she said as she struggled. I didn't say anything at all. It was surreal what I was doing. I was holding her tight and my dick found the entrance to her vagina. I forced it in, but surprisingly it wasn't dry.

I immediately thought that this was unreal and taboo. That turned me on so much. I couldn't tell you how out of control I felt because of it.

She let out a gasp and said "Stop" but after a few seconds she stopped resisting. Instead of pushing me away she began letting me in, but she still put up the front of being disgusted that I was fucking her. It was as if she wanted it but couldn't actually participate in it because of how bizarre it would be.

I just pounded away and she kept saying "fuck!" and making sounds like she didn't want it BUT SHE DIDN'T RESIST! She actually wrapped her legs around me by this time.

After 30 seconds I busted my nut. I got up and we both put on clothes. She didn't say anything. I just said I'm gonna leave now and left.

Did I rape my sister or did I satisfy some taboo urge she had as well?
11/1/08 9:25 PM
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11/1/08 9:25 PM
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I just jizzed my pants you asshole
11/1/08 9:26 PM
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 that was hot
11/1/08 9:26 PM
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11/1/08 9:27 PM
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I knew this would be rehashed soon, how is the lawn coming?
11/1/08 9:28 PM
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Im glad you two finally got rid of all that sexual tension.
11/1/08 9:29 PM
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 could be best troll thread in a while!
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You are the one still talking about it. (1542 and a half, too lazy to quote.)
11/1/08 9:32 PM
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 everything sounded realistic except for her being wet. chick gets out of the shower and it's like a dry bone session
11/1/08 9:34 PM
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Jack does have a hot blond sister with HUGE tatas.
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theseanster - everything sounded realistic except for her being wet. chick gets out of the shower and it's like a dry bone session

She wasn't really wet, but just not bone dry. I still had to force my way in there, but once in, I could feel enough wetness way inside to get shit going.

It really was unlike any pussy I ever had because I was thinking "This is my fucking sister!" It just made it more intense than anything I ever had.
11/1/08 9:36 PM
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another milestone
11/1/08 9:36 PM
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Sen. Clay Davis - 
PhenomPromos - You are the one still talking about it. (1542 and a half, too lazy to quote.)

 but not too lazy to edit

lol, power to my people.
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^^ simply browsing the threads my man. Now leave me alone so you dont hijack this thread.
11/1/08 9:39 PM
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"Did you blow your load in her?"

Yes. No worries, she cannot have children.
11/1/08 9:47 PM
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11/1/08 9:53 PM
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Hopefully this becomes common place...

I have a really hot cousin.
11/1/08 9:57 PM
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Did her computer ever get fixed? What's wrong with it?
11/1/08 9:58 PM
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 My sister is pretty hot. Not exactly as hot as a made up Britney Spears in a video, but this pic closely reminded me of the incident yesterday. Same general dimensions but a brunette. I just wish she was oiled up like this.


11/1/08 10:00 PM
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jarva - Did her computer ever get fixed? What's wrong with it?

No. Her printer didn't work & her computer was running slow (spyware as usual).

Honestly I do feel weird today, but a part of me wants to "rape" her again because of the intensity. If we get into planned, "romantic" sex it'll suck. The whole thing has to be very primitive in nature to work. It has to be pure animalistic fucking
11/1/08 10:03 PM
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Have you spoken with her since?
11/1/08 10:05 PM
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No, I have not spoken with her since.
11/1/08 10:16 PM
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lol @ this
11/1/08 10:17 PM
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Jack you're giving republicans a bad name.