What if ... FBI acknowledges Controlled Demolition of WTC

6/17/11 1:40 PM
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Now there's a ringing endorsement. He posts ONE video with Rudy saying "we were told the WTC was gonna collapse-collapse-collapse" ,refuses to post any other "evidence" then tucks on debunking lazermonkey's website. Seems like victory all around LOL. At least we learned science from MRBIG1, nothing smaller can destroy anything bigger.
6/17/11 1:54 PM
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Gergard Gordeu can not defeat Teila Tuli.
6/17/11 2:23 PM
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EVILYOSHIDA - EvilMaster has completely owned the anti-truth disinfo trolls.


 I don't think you really understand the definition of the word 'owned'. Please look it up.
6/17/11 2:30 PM
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Someone define evidence while your at it.
6/17/11 4:35 PM
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What is laughable is EvilMaster used to brag about trolling the OG with conspiracy theory bullshit and now he proclaims to believe it. He either is still trying to pull off these pathetic trolls or he started buyin into his own bullshit. Either way it is truly pathetic, sad and laughable at the same time. Phone Post
6/17/11 4:39 PM
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^ evilmaster is closer to the truth than most people on this board.

As someone who only gets my sources from academia and mainstream sources, I can say what he says is mostly correct.

9/11 is relatively new and in due time the CIA will release the files and will show a lot of monkey business going on. maybe not controlled demolition but possible goading of terrorists to attack or letting the attack happen. I think this is the most likely scenario.

6/17/11 5:28 PM
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jct71 - Someone define evidence while your at it.

So, here is 40 real plane crashes.

And now here are photos of Flight 93 taken on 9-11.

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You guys who are defending this stuff. Are stupid enough to believe what your television tells you. That's it. You are stupid.

This is the Boeing 757-222 model that was supposed to crash in that little pile of sand and then magically disappear.

6/17/11 5:35 PM
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^Gotta admire the dedication to his troll craft. Phone Post
6/17/11 5:40 PM
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^Gotta admire the dedication to his protection of the people who are destroying America.
6/17/11 5:42 PM
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Did the entire plane crash into that small section, or did it break up in the air unlike all the examples you posted?
Edited: 6/17/11 5:46 PM
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The official story, is it crashed there. rofl.

The examples I posted. Are the official government exhibit photos of the "crash scene". :)

And all the wreckage and bodies of the passengers and all other material evidence was vaporized into Bolivia by the crash. All except the paper work of the terrorists hahahhahhaha.
6/17/11 5:55 PM
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Well, I'm fairly sure that in all of your examples the pilots were trying to save the plane or put it down safely. How many of them were going at full speed and being deliberatley crashed?
6/17/11 5:55 PM
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Oh god. You lose, I win. :)
6/17/11 5:56 PM
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That 650 mph nose-down crash directly into the ground looks nothing like the 150 mph crashes made during takeoff or landing attempts. Must be a government conspiracy.
6/17/11 5:56 PM
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That's not an answer
6/17/11 5:57 PM
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^^^^ obviously addressed to that ex-pat chap and not Timbo
6/17/11 5:58 PM
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And I can crush any of you disinfo clowns on any point about anything 9-11 related. ANYTHING. I've spent a decade researching this shit. NOTHING you say can even slow me down. If you think you can beat me in a debate, then grow some balls. And have PVT Finny move this shit back to the OG. And I will pwn you all. One at time or all at once.

So do it, move the thread back. I fucken dare you!

I double triple dare you with a cherry on top!

Brockkkkk Buck Buck Buck....
6/17/11 6:00 PM
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I got beer and a comfy chair. And I now have the time. Bring it on, put the juvenile name calling aside. And lets go point by point. You pick the point, I'll pick the point apart and prove reality to you.

You just gotta move the thread back.
6/17/11 6:08 PM
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I have noticed that a lot of the methodology involved in conspiracy theories is to take very minor discrepancies or mistakes that have obvious explanations, and then spin them into something spooky and far reaching.

You said you had been researching 9/11 for a decade. Well since it only happened in September 2001 that means you had forewarning of the event. So my question would be, why didn't you inform the authorities?
6/17/11 6:14 PM
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Oh stop, lets get this shit on. I am fucking begging to be unleashed here, I have volumes of info ready to go. Shit that you can't find anywhere. Give me the reason I need to lay it all out. I'll paint a fucking masterpiece here!

I can make even you disinfo goons change the way you look at everything. I can open your eyes wide open. When I am done with you, you will all quit your fucking jobs and publicly admit that you were being told to lie.
6/17/11 6:16 PM
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On another thread recently EvilTucker said that airli ers have 'governors' that can ONLY BE TURNED OFF BY REMOTE CONTROL (THE PILOTS CANT DISENGAGE THEM) that would prevent the pilots from crashing them into the towers. Now THAT'S funny shit!! Phone Post
6/17/11 6:23 PM
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It wouldn't prevent the pilots from crashing them into the towers. But it would prevent the pilots from pulling the g's they did while maneuvering the planes into position to hit those towers. Think of the "governor" I was talking about like a rev limiter on your car. If it wasn't there, you would blow your engine.

Well, all commercial passenger planes use a g-limiter for insurance and safety purposes. By law, they have to have it. Because if a pilot accidentally threw a commercial plane into an 8 g turn. Every single passenger that wasn't buckled up, would hit the ceiling in a big pile.

It can not be disabled by the pilots. It can only be disabled by the ground. That's it. Which makes what happened on 9-11, technically impossible.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I wanna get into who did it. Who was involved. Generals and commanders. I wanna get into where the money came from, places like Saudi Arabia and Israel. I wanna get into MI6 and MOSSAD.

I wanna rape you fucken disinfo clowns with a nuclear truth bomb!
6/17/11 6:28 PM
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EvilMaster, did you ever have the engineers at your office put the finishing touches on your perpetual motion machine?
6/17/11 6:30 PM
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Naw, I never got past the planning stages on that. I ended up going with a custom solar power job for the camp. It gives me all I need. I got a real sneaky deal on some mining industry batteries, that just make what people can buy at retail look stupid. So I am happy.

But I may get back to that one day. :)