What if ... GorillaBow - resistance band trainer - Anyone use?

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Well the gyms are closed and who knows when they will reopen. I live in an apartment. I don't have any equipment and or benches. The only things I could fit here would be adjustable dumbells (though I have no room for a bench) and kettle bells (thought I don't like using them).

I saw the GorillaBow online. Does anyone have any experience with it? Unfortunately it's not ideal but at least I could get some sort of workout in? Apparently the Heavy bundle resistance goes up to 330lbs but of course you're using a band so the dynamic is completely different. The resistance is primarily at the top of the lift.

I figure I can spend the $200 now and sell it once this is all over. I'm losing all of my muscle mass and it fucking sucks.

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Ah, shit. I meant post this on the OG. I'll repost. Mods, delete.

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200$ ?!   Looks silly