What if ... Hendo is bringing a rusty old blade to a gunfight

7/9/09 2:11 PM
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I'd fight along side the Brits any day of the week, but not Saturday!
7/9/09 2:15 PM
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explodingboy - 
LiftStrong - Unfortunately you never have anything intelligent to say when you make these threads, you just start chirping and trying to insult Hendo. Fact is no matter what the result Hendo>Bisping. And if by fluke Bisping did win, I would bet he would find a way to dick tuck to avoid the fight with Anderson... no matter what he says now!

I find it amusing that people say I have nothing intelligent to say after I write numerous paragraphs about how I believe the fight will go and then they offer their own insightful analysis to the effect of 'Hendo>Bisping'. Thanks.

All you did was use an excessive amount of words to say that Bisping will jab and run the whole fight. Just as you do on every thread you start. Quality over Quantity sweetheart! ;)
7/9/09 2:18 PM
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Poor ol' Dan has taken so many blows to the head he can't even speak properly. At the end of that video (1.40) he says:

'This experience has really wanted me to beat Bisping up'

Maybe he just forgot to put his teeth in or something, but by the time Bisping is finished with him he's going to be indecipherable.
7/9/09 2:30 PM
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7/9/09 2:36 PM
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my god this inane gimmick.
7/9/09 2:37 PM
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 Im not american nor brit, but I think Henderson is a bit better.
I am not sold on the Bisping wagon yet because I dont think hes as good as he/UFC/English MMA fans make him out to be.
If the highlights of your career are a controversial decision loss to Evans and a UD over Leben, I am not convinced.
If he clearly beats Henderson , I will surely give Bisping his due. By clearly I mean from start to finish winning the fight.
7/9/09 3:01 PM
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Blind nationalism runs rampant through here. Which one of you UK tards said Bisping was the next champ and the man to beat Silva? That right there shows how insanely blind you guys are.

You can honestly make a case for either fighter. Dan has a better resume but is on the downswing of his career. Bisping has been looking better and is certainly poised to take a charge at the title. I hope Hendo wins but I won't count Bisping out.
7/9/09 3:05 PM
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LMFAO at "Pillowfist Mcteatime" BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
7/9/09 3:11 PM
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Crooklyn, could you please ask Dan who he's called into his camp to replicate Bisping's clever footwork and more refined striking? I've seen lots about who Mike has had in to help him prepare for Hendo's style but nothing about who Dan has had.

And if he answers, 'Well I didn't think I needed anyone to simulate Bisping' can you put it to him that some people, ie Bisping fans, are claiming that this in itself is a sign of him underestimating Bisping and it doesn't bode well for him.

Also could you ask him why he had to make the fight personal by calling Bisping a 'douchebag' and if he regrets it because he's just given Bisping even more motivation to put a clinic on?

Thanks :)

PS> Obviously you don't HAVE to ask him those, just suggestions!
7/9/09 3:13 PM
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solidsnake -  

If Bisping KO's Hendo, will you also draw one of Dan lying on the ground? Thanks.
7/9/09 3:20 PM
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If Bisping wins, I'll draw him holding Hendo's decapitated head.

I am a gentleman and will oblige.
7/9/09 3:27 PM
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bisping by flying ground and pound
7/9/09 3:27 PM
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solidsnake - If Bisping wins, I'll draw him holding Hendo's decapitated head.

I am a gentleman and will oblige.

Very noble of you. I can appreciate an American showing dignity in defeat.
7/9/09 3:30 PM
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(bows into a side step)
7/9/09 3:33 PM
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This fight has produced some of the most hilarious posts and threads of all time. Absolutely hilarious.
7/9/09 3:33 PM
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solidsnake -  

7/9/09 3:34 PM
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A better analogy would be bringing a rusty old knife to a pool noodle beach fight.
7/9/09 3:37 PM
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Like wearing a New England Patriots shirt to a London silly nannys game...
7/9/09 3:45 PM
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hey explodingboy... your utilization of excessive vocabulary is FUCKING ANNOYING! as is your contradictory behavior regarding your tendency to bash people for exhibiting national pride, but then you try to get all of britains cock in your mouth. this should be about the skill sets of two fighters, not two countries. for example, i don't dislike you because your british, i dislike you because your a jerk, get it? ... anyway, we kicked your ass once already! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i couldnt help it... sorry...
7/9/09 3:55 PM
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LMAO @ "Pillowfists Mcteatime"
I totally thought Hendo had this fight, but after seeing that jacket, screaming skulls and all, I'm just not sure. If its got winged pitbulls or something like that on the back, Dan is in deep shit.
7/9/09 4:00 PM
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By choosing that jacket, he has already lost.
7/9/09 4:01 PM
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You guys are starting to make me feel real creepy about thinking that Bisping is going to win.

*takes a seat over there*
7/9/09 4:07 PM
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 hahahahahaaaa... this is pretty funny.  I'll have to come back to this thread after the fight.
7/9/09 4:11 PM
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 bispi has no bullets in his gun
7/9/09 4:12 PM
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man rape by Hendo