What if ... Hendo is bringing a rusty old blade to a gunfight

7/11/09 3:53 AM
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I almost feel sorry for Hendo. Too late to back now.

7/12/09 1:15 AM
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explodingboy - 

I almost feel sorry for Hendo. Too late to back now.

Do you still feel sorry for Hendo?
7/12/09 1:16 AM
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epic fail
7/12/09 1:23 AM
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ttt for hilarity
7/12/09 1:25 AM
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7/12/09 1:31 AM
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 RIP England
7/12/09 1:33 AM
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explodingboy - 

I almost feel sorry for Hendo.

 Do you really?
7/12/09 1:33 AM
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I love posts like OP's at the beginning. I bet he literally burst into tears when Bisping was owned and destroyed.

THAT is what happens when you talk shit about America, my friend. For a B level fighter and his C level UG nuthuggers to verbally trash Henderson and America for weeks and months on end is just insane.

That fight was a prime example of how FAR AWAY your little piece of real estate is behind top level American MMA. It's back to the drawing board over a plate of bangers and mash for your brits.
7/12/09 1:34 AM
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I'll bet explodingboy never posts on the internet again.
7/12/09 1:34 AM
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 dan hit bisping with the power of AMERICA
7/12/09 1:35 AM
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doctorbrodsky - I'll bet explodingboy never posts on the internet again.
7/12/09 1:35 AM
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*takes a steaming shit on the OP*

stick that in your pipe and smoke it bisping
7/12/09 1:35 AM
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Michael really "Took it to the yank" in this fight
7/12/09 1:35 AM
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 as i said, no bullets in bispis gun. thanks dan
7/12/09 1:48 AM
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HAHAHA sweet powerful Lord it's just so good I don't even know where to begin.
7/12/09 1:52 AM
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Crooklyn - Looks like he brought a Samurai sword and sliced and diced a crumpet.

And Bisping brought his butter knife.

Must've thought he was meeting Dan for some tea and scones.
7/12/09 1:53 AM
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Honeslty the whole Bisping nuthugger scene may be the target of one of the biggest backfires in internet history. 
7/12/09 1:54 AM
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Bisping brought nothing more than his track shoes. He should have brought a helmet.
7/12/09 1:59 AM
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If it hasn't been said - Bisping might want to get a tetanus shot.
7/12/09 2:04 AM
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And exploding boy is nowhere to be seen.
7/12/09 2:05 AM
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TheVileOne - And exploding boy is nowhere to be seen.

he prolly exploded
7/12/09 2:06 AM
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Nominates explodingboy for making the biggest ass of himself on the UG for 2009.
7/12/09 2:10 AM
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 Bitchping - stiff toed ;)
7/12/09 2:13 AM
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Jeez give him a break. OBVIOUSLY it was a lucky punch, plus Mike must've had serious jet lag. Besides there are COUNTLESS other factors that led to this fluke victory for Dan Henderson. I'll let explodingboy explain the rest.
7/12/09 2:15 AM
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explodeboy = DIAF. How do you call us biased? We're not the ones making these ratarded threads.